Bye Bye, Rosy Smiles.



I started blogging when I was 21. I had just moved home to Ireland from university, had a disposable income and I spent an awful lot of my money on beauty products. As well as this, I had a LOT of time on my hands. I discovered the blogging world and - long story short - Rosy Smiles was born. My own floral, pink and pretty part of the internet to share all my thoughts about the products I was obsessed with. And I loved it. I loved the interaction I got from posts, the (albeit few and far between) emails from PR companies asking for reviews, the friendships formed over twitter with other girls just like me - obsessing over beauty in their bedroom.

Working just 4 days a week meant I could dedicate lots of time to Rosy Smiles - photography, editing, writing and catching up with my other favourite blogs. And, for this reason I had regular posts and was happy with how my everything was coming along.

I lasted one year at home and ended up back in Liverpool which is when then things changed. I did try with my blog but working full time, trying to balance money as well as a social life and romance meant that my blog took a back seat. But I was okay with that. I had so many more things to do to fill my time - I had a life again.

I did start to miss blogging. When I started working in the Body Shop it gave me a kick up the bum to write again (as I was learning so much) so I revamped and started again. But, I eventually got sick of talking about beauty 24/7. It was my job and also my hobby and I wasn't enjoying it to the extent I had been.

I was back into the old habits of neglecting my blog so when I left my job in the Body Shop last August I decided it was time to try again. Working in an office meant I wasn't venting all my beauty knowledge 24/7 and I was excited to get back writing again. Cue another revamp and a very excited Aisling about getting my blogging mojo back.

But - it didn't work. I was writing again and wrote some posts I was proud of - but there was just something that didn't sit right. Rosy Smiles didn't reflect my posts or me anymore. I wanted a space on the internet that was more mature, that reflected that I'm now a girl (woman?) who pays her own bills, and isn't obsessed with having the latest Urban Decay palette as soon as it launches

Basically I've outgrown Rosy Smiles. 

So what comes next? Well.. one blog closes and another opens - I think. My new blog is going to be  minimalistic and allow me to have the freedom to write whatever I want without worrying that it doesn't fit my 'genre'. My new blog will simply be called..

Ais Mc. 

Short and sweet - just like me eh? I am sad to say goodbye to Rosy Smiles, but Ais Mc will allow me to post about not only beauty and fashion but maybe a whole other spectrum of topics that I would've never felt comfortable talking about on my pretty and girly blog. Whilst I've bought my own domain I'm still in the process of sorting out my new template and also in the middle of a relocation to London - so this will be the last post on this site for a while. But it was something I needed to get out while things change!

I hope that if you enjoyed anything on Rosy Smiles that you'll give Ais Mc a chance. It's been a long time coming and it's something I'm really excited about. A. xo