Zoeva Pink Spectrum.


When I think of the brand Zoeva, I think of brushes - mainly the rose gold brushes that most people I know have their hands on. And when they brought out make-up I was a little sceptical, with the thought 'Stick to what you know' springing to mind. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and since I needed some new blush anyway, I ordered the Pink Spectrum palette.

The palette comes with 3 matte blush shades, and one with a hint of shimmer. All 4 shades are insanely pigmented - one dab with my brush is enough for both cheeks! And the colours themselves are so pretty on. Being of Irish descent my skin is ghostly white and I find pink tones very flattering -  offering just a pop of colour on the cheek without looking unnatural. Zoeva also offer the Coral and Nude Spectrum blush palettes, but they just weren't for me.

Rather frustratingly the colours in the palette don't have names but numbers, and my personal favourites are PK020 and PK030, which to you and me are the ones above and beside the bright fuchsia pink shade. Although all colours are gorgeous these two just work for me, matte and muted. The fuchsia and shimmer shades are nice when I'm going for a more dramatic cheek look or if I've bronzed up for a night out, but those are few and far between.

At €17.80 this palette is an absolute bargain, fantastic quality and brilliant packaging for on the go. I can tell this won't be the last time I purchase Zoeva makeup!

Are you intrigued by Zoeva's venture into beauty products? A. xo

Illamasqua Matte Veil.


Primers (for me) can come and go without really making much of an impact. Personally, I’m a bit of a ‘Which is on offer?’ kinda gal, especially in high street shops/drug stores. I like to mix up what I’m using to make sure I’m not missing out on a wonder product. Hydra Veil by Illamasqua is a cult favourite, but due to my oil prone skin it’s never really worked for me - kept my skin hydrated yes, but made my makeup last longer? Not so much. It’s no secret that Illamasqua are one of my favourite brands so I knew I had to get my hands on the matte version when it launched.

This primer is creamy in consistency, and despite it mattifying the skin it doesn’t have the silicon feel we all know whatsoever. The product comes with a little spoon, which is great for hygiene purposes and in my experience a spoonful is more than enough for your whole face (I do tend to use less - it goes so far!). If my skin is behaving itself I tend to only use this where I need (Chin and forehead I’m looking at you) as it can dry out some areas. 

You can feel the product work instantly, oil is banished and it makes the face perfectly smooth for applying any foundation. This increases the longevity of make-up like no product I’ve ever tried. It just does not move, which isn’t everyones cup of tea - but if I’ve got a long day or big night it’s a necessity. 

This product is £30 which may seem a lot - but the tub is ma-hoosive. And because you use it so sparingly I think it’s well worth the investment! I’m currently on my second pot, which I got at Christmas, and it doesn’t even look touched yet! What are your thoughts on matte primers? A. xo

The Tangle Teezer.


The Tangle Teezer is one of those products that everyone seems to swear by. With hair as thick as mine I’m more often than not getting conventional paddle brushes stuck in it. Which not only damages my already breakage prone hair, but just plain hurts

I was given this Tangle Teezer as a gift at Christmas, and I must admit, I was a little dubious. Could this little styler that fitted in the palm of my hand tame my unruly hair? To cut a long story short - yes. I am amazed at how well this glides through my hair. The different length of bristles are gentle but effective in ridding my hair of any knots or - ahem - tangles. Even if it’s been curly the night before and is caked in hair spray. It leaves my hair soft and shiny whilst majorly combatting any fly-aways I do have. 

No bigger than the size of your hand it’s perfect for on the go, and the little cover that slots in the middle means the bristles won’t cause havoc in your handbag. 

I’m obsessed with my Tangle Teezer and now I can’t leave the house without it. What are your thoughts on this miracle hair tool? A. xo

Polaroids with Cheerz.


Polaroids are everywhere at the minute, and with the Fujifilm Instax becoming every bloggers best friend (and my budget not quite stretching to buying one) I had to quickly suss how I could get in on the action.

I was lucky enough to attend an event that Cheerz were involved with, and was kindly gifted a Cheerz Box - a gorgeous little box to hold 30 of your favourite snaps in (you guessed it) polaroid form! You simply pick your favourite snaps from Facebook or Instagram, upload, edit (if you wish), complete your order and your most cherished memories will be delivered in a gorgeous keepsake box. Prior to ordering I was concerned about the quality as most of my photos were from social media, but they're all crystal clear. They're also perfect for dotting around your room or even as a thoughtful gift.

A massive benefit of ordering polaroids as opposed to taking them instantly is that you make sure to avoid any awful photos or waste of film, by choosing your favourite (or the ones you look best in - lets be honest) photos to keep. I have had SO many polaroids taken where I just look awful, so I can safely say I'll only be ordering the best from now on.

If you fancy the thought of some of your own polaroids or any other items Cheerz have to offer, use the code AISMCP at the checkout, and you'll get £4 off orders of £8 or more! Bargain.

What do you think of the polaroid trend? A. xo