Edge Nails: Vintage Nail Files.


If you ask the people closest to me what my worst habit is, I can guarantee every single one would say biting my nails. And I'd be the first to agree. It's horrendous. And I think a large part of the problem is that I don't have the tools to keep my nails in check, so I just chew the heck out of them. So when EDGE Nails threw me a lifeline in the form of some Vintage Themed Nail Files*, how could I say no?

I'm all about pastels and florals, and these nail files come in every shade you could want. I can't say they're any better than nail files I've used in the past (which isn't the biggest backlog, lets be honest) but they're certainly the prettiest and they do the job well. I keep one in my handbag at all times so if I ever get tempted to go into my old ways I can reach for it and distract myself.

EDGE Nails were also kind enough to send me some gorgeous nail polishes* to try in the most gorgeous pastel shades. I've been waiting for my nails to get long and pretty enough before rocking them but I've tried them on my toes and the colours are super flattering, even on my really pale skin!

I've had lots of comments about the files as they're like nothing you'd see on the high street, and they're so reasonably priced there's no reason I'd have boring, plain files in my stash again. What do you think of the vintage patterns? A. xo

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