Edge Nails: Vintage Nail Files.


If you ask the people closest to me what my worst habit is, I can guarantee every single one would say biting my nails. And I'd be the first to agree. It's horrendous. And I think a large part of the problem is that I don't have the tools to keep my nails in check, so I just chew the heck out of them. So when EDGE Nails threw me a lifeline in the form of some Vintage Themed Nail Files*, how could I say no?

I'm all about pastels and florals, and these nail files come in every shade you could want. I can't say they're any better than nail files I've used in the past (which isn't the biggest backlog, lets be honest) but they're certainly the prettiest and they do the job well. I keep one in my handbag at all times so if I ever get tempted to go into my old ways I can reach for it and distract myself.

EDGE Nails were also kind enough to send me some gorgeous nail polishes* to try in the most gorgeous pastel shades. I've been waiting for my nails to get long and pretty enough before rocking them but I've tried them on my toes and the colours are super flattering, even on my really pale skin!

I've had lots of comments about the files as they're like nothing you'd see on the high street, and they're so reasonably priced there's no reason I'd have boring, plain files in my stash again. What do you think of the vintage patterns? A. xo

Products marked with an asterisk sent for review are PR samples sent for review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector.


Remember when clown contouring was the next big thing? Well after reading plenty an article about it, little old me ordered the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector, swiftly put it away ‘to photograph’ and forgot about it for roughly 6 months..

Since rediscovery - I’ve been using this a couple of times a week (when I have time), prior to foundation but after primer, to even out my skin tone and ideally make my foundation last a lot longer. Of the colours, I only find myself using the green, purple and yellow on a daily basis but a lot of this is because the product doesn’t actually tell you what colour does what. If it weren’t for a quick google of the product and reading this post by London Beauty Queen, god knows what I’d have been doing!

I use the green to target my redness, purple to counteract any yellowness, and the yellow on those pesky purple bags. And to be honest, I do love these shades. The colours even out the specific area whilst adding next to no coverage (which not everyone may like but I do as it doesn’t impact my foundation) and leaves my face so even for applying my base. It’s also reduced the amount of concealer I’m using as this was previously my only method of combatting redness around the nose and chin. 

The only downside is that I don’t actually use 50% of the product. I use the silver now and again to help highlight but you don’t really see it when I put my (usually matte) foundation on top. And as for the other colours..  they just don’t suit me. I tried to use the darkest shade to contour one morning but it was too red toned and turned into a bit of a hot mess on my cheeks (I do believe they're intended for darker skin tones). And the others I just don’t have a use for. At £6 I would probably buy this again, but I think it would be a much more effective product if it only had the purple, green and yellow, or perhaps catered for fair, medium and dark skin. Have you tried your hand at clown contouring? A. xo

L'oreal: Infallible 24H Foundation.


I'm not really one for high street foundations. I'm always saying to myself 'I'll just spend the extra and get the high end stuff.' In my head that always seems more worth it in the long run as I know what works for me, and products from the high street can be a bit hit'n'miss. That was until I stumbled upon the L'oreal Infallible 24H Foundation. I actually bought this because it was on offer on a beauty website for around £5.49, and I had the whole 'I can blog about this' thought.

The shade I originally ordered was 'Vanilla' which - due to my irish white skin, was around 4 shades too dark. But, to try it out I popped it on one day I was wearing Dove Summer Body (the only self tan for sensitive skin in my opinion). And, long story short, I fell in love.

The coverage of this rivals my best high end foundations; NARS Sheer Glow, MAC Studio Fix - you name it. It makes my skin look flawless with minimal effort or drying it out, and best of all - it lasts.  I can't say I've tested out this 24 hour claim but it does me from 7am - 6pm and that's good enough for me! I loved the consistency so I went in store and swatched the shade lighter, Porcelain, and it's perfect for my natural, ghostlike appearance. I tend to wear this daily and it's seriously upped my everyday makeup routine. If you're after a quality coverage and longevity but not the price tag of those high end treats, this is one for you A. xo

The Blogging Break.


Well.. long time no blog.

I don't want this to be a whole 'I'm sorry I've not been blogging' post, because really, I'm not sorry. I needed some time off due to a family loss, and it kind of just exponentiated from there. As I watched my friends blogs grow and grow, I got more and more daunted by the idea of coming back into that world. What could I really offer? My thoughts on a lipstick every so often, the latest restaurant I've been trying... Would anyone really care?

As well as my own insecurities with my content, even the social media related to blogging has me nervous to return. On Twitter majority of the people I follow blog, and recently it seems to me that if you're not in with a particular group of them, no one really wants to know. And this isn't me slating it, it's just something I've noticed as I've watched from the sidelines. I don't know where I fit anymore.

Bearing that in mind I'm not going to be something I'm not or try and mimic others blog content. I know what I know and most of that is skincare and make-up. Sometimes I wear nice outfits, sometimes I wear leggings and jumpers every day of the week and that's not going to change. I'm not going to theme my Instagram because although I might not like it my life is more than pretty flowers, well placed beauty products and ootds. It may mean my blog doesn't grow as quickly as I'd hope, but that's something I'm okay with.

My blog is a reflection of me and what I know, and I guess all I really hope with this come back is that I start to enjoy sharing my thoughts on, mostly skincare and makeup, but anything else that takes my fancy. And I hope anyone who's reading can simply enjoy it too. A. xo