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Sometimes I buy product's purely because they smell nice. I won't be too sure of the function or main uses but - if it smells good I'll be having it. When I was told that The Mechanic by Lush has the same scent as Snow Fairy I didn't ask much else about it and popped it straight in my basket. 

A cold-pressed, oblong shaped purple soap with a spanner popped in the middle doesn't look like much, but it's a treat in it's own right. The soap contains amazing oils such as rosemary, coconut and rapeseed to nourish the skin as you use it. And what makes it particularly special is the crushed pumice powder dispersed throughout the product, offering a light exfoliation. Suffering from eczema means that although I'd love to give myself a deep scrub all the time I simply can't. They're too harsh on my skin; but this offers a perfect go-between if you're after a gentle buff every now and again. 

Unfortunately I found the fragrance didn't last quite as long as Snow Fairy on the skin, but I can forgive that considering I've had it since April and it's not even half it's original size! And it also gains MAJOR brownie points from me as it doesn't contain any palm oil. 

Will I buy this again? A lovely product, but if I can get the same result using Snow Fairy and a body brush is it really worth the money? I'm just not sure. Although to be honest I may find myself re-purchasing when Snow Fairy gets taken off the shelves after Christmas! 

Have you tried any of Lush's cold-pressed soaps? Aisling. xo 

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  1. Ooh I haven't tried this! But I tend to fall in love with most lush products tbh! Snow Fairy is a gooden, I love all their Christmas stuff!

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