LUSH | Autumn/Winter Haul.


The Comforter bubble bar. 
Hottie massage bar. 
Don't Look At Me mask. 
Dream Time bath melt. 
Million Dollar Moisturiser. 
Magic of Christmas FUN. 
Salt and Peppermint Bark. 
Peeping Santa bubble bar. 
Intergalactic bath bomb. 
Butterbear bath bomb. 
 Truth time. I went on a bit of a LUSH hiatus when I started working in The Body Shop. I genuinely felt like I was cheating on them by venturing in to the haven of sweet smells and glitter. However since my departure from The Body Shop that's all changed, and I can safely say I've been making up for lost time, and making a rather large dent in my bank balance. I will blame the most part of this on my being in London recently. The Oxford Street shop is just too good to not treat yourself in.. 

So what did I purchase eh? Well you can see from the captions what the products are, but the one I'm most excited about is The Comforter bubble bar, because I'm completely obsessed with the smell. I also can't wait to try the Million Dollar Moisturiser as my favourite blogger/YouTuber Victoria (from inthefrow) swears by it, and in my eyes she can do no wrong.  Using ingredients from almonds, oatmeal and sesame seeds I'm hoping it's the moisture boost my skin needs in the cold weather. I am also very intrigued by the Don't Look At Me face mask. After seeing a demo of it being used at #nwmeet I just had to get my hands on that bluest of blue formula, complete with ground rice for the light exfoliation I love.  

I also went for my old favourites, Intergalacic and Butterbear bath bombs. I'm in love with the minty freshness of Intergalactic, but Butterbear offers the comfort my eczema prone skin needs now and again. Have you got your eye on any new lush products? Or do you stick to old faithfuls? Aisling. xo

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  1. I love lush but there isn't one near me so I don't get to go in very often which sucks. Although I'm sure my bank balance appreciates it!
    Coleoftheball xx