East Avenue Bakehouse.


'Bakehouse Benny.'
'Breakfast Bread Board.'

I love brunch. If you'd only been talking to me for 5 minutes I'd probably manage to squeeze my love of eggs into the conversation at least once. So when I had a little catch up with my fave girly Beth of course it was the activity I suggested. I pretty much live in Moose Coffee so I thought I'd try be original and take her somewhere new.

Situated at the top of the independent hub that is Bold Street, East Avenue Bakehouse is the brunch joint everyone's been raving about. All the produce is sourced locally which means it supports small scale suppliers - something I love. The homely, simple decor makes it a bloggers paradise, and Beth and I spent the morning snapping away.

After a bit of a mix-up regarding a table we eventually got sat down and pondered over the menu. For some reason we didn't think that the Breakfast Bread Board (to share) would be enough for us, so we ordered main breakfast's too. I opted for the Bakehouse Benny with smoked salmon (obviously) with a tea and Beth kept it simple with a Sausage Butty as she doesn't like eggs(!)... and an apple juice.

Although the whole breakfast was delicious, the bread was incredible, I may even go as far as to say I preferred it over the eggs. The toast is made up of whatever bread they happened to have made that day, so I don't think you'd ever get the same selection twice!  And the choice of jam, honey and marmalade was also adorable as you could mix it up with the different flavours. My poached eggs were perfectly cooked, runny in the middle with the creamiest hollandaise drizzled over the top. Beth also said her sausage butty was yum, however I think we both may have spoiled the main event by filling up on bread too early. I still regret not buying a loaf before we left!

East Avenue Bakehouse not only offers amazing breakfasts but also lunchtime and evening menus, which offer some unusual treats such as pumpkin dumplings (which sounds like a cute sort of pet name) and roast partridge. After such a successful brunch, I think I'll definitely be back for dinner! Where are your favourite brunch spots? Aisling. xo

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