Christmas Wishlist | Beauty.


When Christmas rolls around it always sends me lusting after various items, none more so than high end beauty that I can never justify treating myself to. So, just for fun (and to give some people ideas..) I thought I'd compile a little list of my most sought after products.

1. How long have I been wanting something from Hourglass? Well over a year I'd say, but I've never managed to get my hands on any. I'm still desperate for some Ambient Lighting Blush, particularly in the shade Mood Exposure, it offers the perfect deeper shades that I love for Winter time.

2. I got NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Mont Blanc last year for Christmas and it changed my foundation life. Perfect buildable coverage with shade that actually matches my skin, what more could a girl want?

3 & 4. Ever since I fell in love with a more neutral lip I've been eyeing up MAC Stone lipstick and Stripdown lip liner. They're a little bit deeper than your regular neutral shade, but allow me my fix of dark lips when I need it.

5. I love eyebrows, but I've been using the same brow shade for well over a year now. Although I still love my Eyebrow Cake from Illamasqua, every blogger possible has been raving about Anastasia products, and I'm dying to try the Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Taupe.

6. Pixi seem to be everywhere at the minute, and I still haven't got round to trying the product that brought them to my attention - the Pixi Glow Tonic! I need it.

7. I've never tried any of Sunday Riley's products but I've always wanted too. Cleansing balms are my favourite way to remove make-up and impurities from my face, and the Blue Moon Tranquility balm seems perfect. Plus every blogger and her dog is raving about it.

8. I love a loose powder, it gives a matte complexion without that dry, cakey look. The Ben Nye Neutral Set powder helps to control oil on the face and the translucent shade means it won't alter my makeup shade. Win!

9. When I got this face mask as a sample at a blogger meet up I fell in love instantly. The Glam Glow Power Mud cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it out, I love it. It is quite pricey but because I've used it before, I know it's worth it.

What do you think of my high end picks? Are there any that you fancy? If you liked this post don't forget to check out my miscellaneous wishlist, with all things cute and quirky! Aisling. xo 

LUSH | Autumn/Winter Haul.


The Comforter bubble bar. 
Hottie massage bar. 
Don't Look At Me mask. 
Dream Time bath melt. 
Million Dollar Moisturiser. 
Magic of Christmas FUN. 
Salt and Peppermint Bark. 
Peeping Santa bubble bar. 
Intergalactic bath bomb. 
Butterbear bath bomb. 
 Truth time. I went on a bit of a LUSH hiatus when I started working in The Body Shop. I genuinely felt like I was cheating on them by venturing in to the haven of sweet smells and glitter. However since my departure from The Body Shop that's all changed, and I can safely say I've been making up for lost time, and making a rather large dent in my bank balance. I will blame the most part of this on my being in London recently. The Oxford Street shop is just too good to not treat yourself in.. 

So what did I purchase eh? Well you can see from the captions what the products are, but the one I'm most excited about is The Comforter bubble bar, because I'm completely obsessed with the smell. I also can't wait to try the Million Dollar Moisturiser as my favourite blogger/YouTuber Victoria (from inthefrow) swears by it, and in my eyes she can do no wrong.  Using ingredients from almonds, oatmeal and sesame seeds I'm hoping it's the moisture boost my skin needs in the cold weather. I am also very intrigued by the Don't Look At Me face mask. After seeing a demo of it being used at #nwmeet I just had to get my hands on that bluest of blue formula, complete with ground rice for the light exfoliation I love.  

I also went for my old favourites, Intergalacic and Butterbear bath bombs. I'm in love with the minty freshness of Intergalactic, but Butterbear offers the comfort my eczema prone skin needs now and again. Have you got your eye on any new lush products? Or do you stick to old faithfuls? Aisling. xo

Christmas Wishlist | Miscellaneous


The Christmas wish list's begin.. 

Although majority of my Christmas wish list's are beauty (coming soon..) there are some other bits and bobs that are taking my fancy this year:

1. First up is this gorgeous brown leather backpack from Accessorize. I already have a fabric back pack, but I've worn it to death as it's my favourite bag for work. I think it's about time I ventured into a more grown up version. Although I do a have a soft spot for this satchel too.. give me all the brown leather. 

2. Watches are one of those things that I always love when I see but never actually buy myself. I've been lusting after a rose gold one of late and I think I've fallen in love with this one from MVMT, simple band and a plain face means it will be super wearable and go with everything. 

3. This ones a bit of a bore but I hate using plain tupperware for my lunches in work and I pretty much channel Little Miss Princess every day of life so this lunchbox is perfect for me!

4. There's just something so luxurious about fluffy slippers? These ones from Victoria Secret are adorable with the outer knitwear pattern, but I also love these granny-esque ones from Cath Kidston

5. Rose gold everything please. I sometimes need to block out the train/commuter noise on my way to work, and I find bud headphones really uncomfortable. These rose gold ones from Frends are so beautiful. (Also quite last season but I don't care.)

6. I love candles, I LOVE cinnamon. This candle has always been my favourite, and it will be for the foreseeable future. 

7. Tsum tsums will never not be cute. My two most wanted at the minute are Sadness (Inside Out), The Genie (Aladdin) and Scuttle (The Little Mermaid) but I mean I'm not fussy when it comes to balls of cuteness. 

8. Ever since I bought my godson a Build-a-Bear I've wanted one. I do love the Disney Princess one pictured above, but the plain brown ones are equally as adorable AND you can dress them up as all your favourite characters. 

And that is the end of my miscellaneous/random bits Christmas wishlist. After going through each one I think I've realised I'm still a massive kid/wannabe princess at heart. 

Would you like anything on my list? Aisling. xo 

East Avenue Bakehouse.


'Bakehouse Benny.'
'Breakfast Bread Board.'

I love brunch. If you'd only been talking to me for 5 minutes I'd probably manage to squeeze my love of eggs into the conversation at least once. So when I had a little catch up with my fave girly Beth of course it was the activity I suggested. I pretty much live in Moose Coffee so I thought I'd try be original and take her somewhere new.

Situated at the top of the independent hub that is Bold Street, East Avenue Bakehouse is the brunch joint everyone's been raving about. All the produce is sourced locally which means it supports small scale suppliers - something I love. The homely, simple decor makes it a bloggers paradise, and Beth and I spent the morning snapping away.

After a bit of a mix-up regarding a table we eventually got sat down and pondered over the menu. For some reason we didn't think that the Breakfast Bread Board (to share) would be enough for us, so we ordered main breakfast's too. I opted for the Bakehouse Benny with smoked salmon (obviously) with a tea and Beth kept it simple with a Sausage Butty as she doesn't like eggs(!)... and an apple juice.

Although the whole breakfast was delicious, the bread was incredible, I may even go as far as to say I preferred it over the eggs. The toast is made up of whatever bread they happened to have made that day, so I don't think you'd ever get the same selection twice!  And the choice of jam, honey and marmalade was also adorable as you could mix it up with the different flavours. My poached eggs were perfectly cooked, runny in the middle with the creamiest hollandaise drizzled over the top. Beth also said her sausage butty was yum, however I think we both may have spoiled the main event by filling up on bread too early. I still regret not buying a loaf before we left!

East Avenue Bakehouse not only offers amazing breakfasts but also lunchtime and evening menus, which offer some unusual treats such as pumpkin dumplings (which sounds like a cute sort of pet name) and roast partridge. After such a successful brunch, I think I'll definitely be back for dinner! Where are your favourite brunch spots? Aisling. xo

Tarte | Lights, Camera, Flashes.


I've lusted after some Tarte products for quite a while, but they were one of those brands that although I was desperate to try them.. I never actually did. (So really, how desperate was I?) So when, at #nwmeet, we were lucky enough to get some in our goody bags I was over the moon. (Props to the gorgeous Katy & Sam for that one). 

Being born with the world's shortest, straightest lashes it takes a lot for a mascara to impress me. But I am obsessed with this. My main mascara problem usually involves the brush being a bit awkward and me smudging mascara all over my eyelids/under eyes and subsequently ruining whatever eyeshadow/concealer I've spent precious minutes (ahem) applying. But since I've started using this I've noticed such a difference in my make-up blunders. The brush (wand?) head is rather large, with well spaced out bristles that differ in length. This means majority of my lashes are coated with minimal effort on my part - huzzah! Obviously I go over them a couple more times before I'm finished but who doesn't? My only negative with this is when I use it on my bottom lashes I notice a little transfer, so I do tend to avoid that.

My (upper) lashes are noticeably defined and lengthened with this mascara, as oppose to just darker with a little oomph. I'll definitely be re-investing when this one runs out - majorly impressed. Aisling. xo

Lush | The Mechanic.


Sometimes I buy product's purely because they smell nice. I won't be too sure of the function or main uses but - if it smells good I'll be having it. When I was told that The Mechanic by Lush has the same scent as Snow Fairy I didn't ask much else about it and popped it straight in my basket. 

A cold-pressed, oblong shaped purple soap with a spanner popped in the middle doesn't look like much, but it's a treat in it's own right. The soap contains amazing oils such as rosemary, coconut and rapeseed to nourish the skin as you use it. And what makes it particularly special is the crushed pumice powder dispersed throughout the product, offering a light exfoliation. Suffering from eczema means that although I'd love to give myself a deep scrub all the time I simply can't. They're too harsh on my skin; but this offers a perfect go-between if you're after a gentle buff every now and again. 

Unfortunately I found the fragrance didn't last quite as long as Snow Fairy on the skin, but I can forgive that considering I've had it since April and it's not even half it's original size! And it also gains MAJOR brownie points from me as it doesn't contain any palm oil. 

Will I buy this again? A lovely product, but if I can get the same result using Snow Fairy and a body brush is it really worth the money? I'm just not sure. Although to be honest I may find myself re-purchasing when Snow Fairy gets taken off the shelves after Christmas! 

Have you tried any of Lush's cold-pressed soaps? Aisling. xo