Number 5 was mine! 

With Beth, Holly and Laura. 

Even if you only go on twitter once in a blue moon, you cannot have missed the whirlwind of amazingness that was #nwmeet. Arranged by the gorgeous Katy and Sam, a selection of us lucky bloggers ventured to 'The Secret Warehouse' for a day of treats, raffles and laughter. 

After a rather chaotic morning (although maybe not as crazy as Jemma's) I set my sights on Central Station where I'd previously arranged to meet up with a few of the girls. Armed only with a caramel latte and a set of directions off we went to Bank Hall station, where we ended up bumping into a bunch of the girls who had come from Manchester! And so an army of bloggers wandered through Bootle, coming through industrial areas including mechanics work yards, to look upon a derelict building. I don't know if I was the only one but I genuinely thought 'This can't be it..' until I saw Katy, Sam and Caitlin waving at us through an upstairs window.

Upon entering we came across the most stunning space, a bloggers paradise with quirky decor (which I forgot to photograph - doy.), a meditation room and stunning roof terrace; we were in heaven. As we entered the main venue area we were all asked to choose a numbered piece of paper from a cup, which was our entry to a Disney Couture raffle (which I won - eee). And finally we were able to take in the incredible room complete with giant selfie mirror, instagram cut outs and props, w7 kissing wall, gorgeous gothic chairs and refreshments provided by blk waterPropercornGreen & BlacksJust BeeThe Cake Days and The Primal Pantry. It was amazing what the girls pulled off.

We were also lucky enough to be visited by the lovely Megan and Martin from LUSH(!) who gave us a really informative demonstration using some of the products we were lucky enough to recieve samples of. After having a good old sniff and play I can already say I'll be betraying my beloved Body Shop to try it! When the demonstration was over we did what bloggers do best and gossiped/selfied/periscoped the day away (cue a million selfies of Beth and I). It was so lovely to just sit and catch up with people who have the same interests as you. I loved this part of the day as it gave me the opportunity to speak to and make some friendships with girls I'd never met before. A little while later a Liverpool based jewellery company, This Material Culture, nipped in to tell us a little about their brand and why they like to work with bloggers. I loved this as you don't often hear what companies look for in a blogger. After the raffle (which everyone won something in - yay!) I took to the roof terrace to have finish the day and have a good old chin wag with Hannah under the cherry blossoms, which I was very glad about as we didn't have a chance to speak at the last meet up!

After lugging all my stuff on the train home I delved into my goodie bag - but that is for another post as this one is lengthy enough! It was such an amazing day and I honestly can't thank Katy & Sam enough. Meeting other bloggers is the best part of this whole malarky and I just want it to keep happening! As I said to Katy on the day, 'When's the next one?'. Aisling. xo

 I also need to say a massive thank-you to Jem and Laura for their very thoughtful housewarming present! I would have photographed it but unfortunately I drank it as soon as I got home.. awkward. But thanks ladies, it was much appreciated.

Sidenote: if you've made it through this whole post, well done. This is just a little update to let you all know I'm taking a little break from Rosy Smiles. I've just started a new job and I'm moving and my whole life is up in arms. I'll be back with all the ins and outs of the goody bag in a few weeks. Til then! x