What's in my BEACH bag?*


When it comes to Summer time, all anyone wants to do is run away to the sunshine. Unfortunately for me I haven't had a chance to venture over seas this year, so I've been taking every given opportunity to run to the little beaches dotted around Liverpool! And I've had some necessities that I could not of lived without this year! So.. what exactly was in my beach bag*?

1. SPF.
Being from the fair land of Ireland means I was cursed blessed with pale white skin. And said skin needs some looking after. After getting sun stroke a few years back SPF is something I take very seriously, so of course it's the first thing I pack for any day in the sun. 

2. Water.
Yes I am a bore, but keeping hydrated is so important if you're in the sun all day! For your own well being and your skin. I'm skin care freak so always try to hit my 2 litres of water/day. 

3. Sunnies.
A given really, sun protection for the eyes as well as making sure you look effortlessly cool. 

4. Various items of lip care.
Pout on fleek. Or whatever that means. I literally cannot be without lipcare at any stage of any day. And on the beach this is amplified tenfold. Give me some severe Blistex relief cream/carmex/lip butters and I just might make it through the day. 

5. Hand sanitiser.
Hygiene, am I right?

6. Sweat/Shine proof make-up.
Give me all the pressed powder. I know some people will disagree with even wearing make-up on the beach but it's my safety blanket! I usually pop on some pressed powder to keep the shine at bay, and a lip tint to ensure all day colour and I'm sorted. I also like to bring some blotting paper to remove any excess shine. 

7. Book(s). 
Reading in the sun is my absolute favourite thing to do, and I'm currently making my way through anything John Green has lent his hand to and I'm loving Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

8. Brush/Mirror.*
I usually try to rock some beachy waves when I'm by the sea, but sometimes I still need to keep it in check.

9. Sandals.*
Okay so not really in my beach bag but they're without a doubt a necessity. I used to hate wearing sandals until I realised that sand + shoes = actual hell. 

And I think that's my beach bag covered! Have I missed out any of your must-haves? If you're off on any last minute holidays be sure to visit boohoo, they have an incredible sale on with all your summer needs! Aisling. xo 

*items gifted from boohoo.com.


  1. I always take sunglasses, SPF, some water and a good book in my beach bag! I love relaxing by the sea and reading :) Great post hun! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. I always take a good book, sun glasses, and sun cream to the beach! I absolutely look The Body Shop's lip stain but never thought about how handy it would be on the beach seeing as it wouldn't come off - amazing post :) x