Delamere Forest.


Living in the city can get a bit much at times, especially if like me, you come from a tiny town in Northern Ireland. Sometimes I just miss getting back to the greenery and fresh air. So recently I used my day off to take to the countryside and venture around Delamere Forest for a day. 

A shady oasis set in the agricultural landscape of the Cheshire Plain, Delamere is a place for families to let off steam, escape the crowds and find peace in the heart of the forest. It's also home to 'Go Ape!' (which I'll hopefully get to soon!). The forest itself has trails for all capabilities, from 1 hour to 3, with various difficulties. We chose to do the 'Old Pale Trail', mostly because it was meant to be the one with the most wildlife. Amidst the trail, we were led up a hill and at the peak there were vintage stone markers pointing out the surrounding counties and their directions. We could even see the Liverpool Cathedrals thanks to the clear weather. 

The forest also offers bike trails, orienteering courses and horse riding so there's definitely something for everybody to do! Personally I'm already looking forward to going back and exploring some more of the stunning lakes and little trails off the beating track. I hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post! It was just so pretty! Aisling. xo


  1. I LOVE THIS. I absolutely love trees and anything nature centred to I got so excited when I loaded your page to see nothing but green filled photos haha! I didn't even know this place existed, but it looks absolutely beautiful so I definitely will put it on the To Do list next time I'm up visiting family!
    Fabulous post hunny :) (looking fabulous aka oh so glamorous in your photo too!)
    Love Hannah xx

  2. Loooove this post! I haven't been here for years but this post reminded me how beautiful it is, I need to take another visit! :) xx