Lip loving with Lypsyl.*


Lypsyl are without a doubt a household name when it comes to lip care. But for me, they're never a brand I would run to if I were in need of some lip love. So when they got in contact to ask if I'd be interested in trying some products I was intrigued to see how they lived up to my expectations. I was lucky enough to receive three flavours of their lip balm, Original, Strawberry and Black Cherry.

The three balms claim to protect and care for your lips, with the strawberry and cherry flavours offering a subtle red and purple tint respectively. Enriched with SPF, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extracts the formula claims to prevent lips from drying out as well as to soothe and moisturise. Any of you who read Rosy Smiles often will know that a good lip balm is something I cannot be without due sore, cracked lips and my vast love of matte lipsticks. But I usually head for something a little bit more medicated, more often than not from Blistex. I decided to give these a go for a solid week to see if they made any sort of difference. 

After a few days of use I did notice that my actual lips were very soft and hydrated. However I am prone to sores and cracking at the edges of my mouth and unfortunately the balm didn't do much to help that. I found myself reaching for my Blistex Relief cream for over night use. In saying that my favourite of the trio was probably the Black Cherry flavour, as it offered the a nice protection throughout the day, but also a gorgeous tint that enhances my lips just enough. The one problem with medicated lip balms is that they can leave a white residue! The smell is also divine and smells like cherry drops! In my opinion these balms will be perfect for people who want to relieve slightly dry lips or who just want to keep them nourished. 

All in all I did enjoy using these and I will keep one in my handbag to pop on throughout the day. But due to my sore and crack prone lips, for real healing I need to use something with a bit more medication in it! What lip balms to you favour? Aisling. xo

*PR sample sent for review. 

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