Glamglow Super Mud.


A few months ago myself and a few of the other Liverpool based ladies had a meet-up. Arranged by the wonderful Sammy from Little Fickle, we had some amazing companies involved and were lucky enough to receive samples from them. Being the skincare addict that I am you won't be surprised to hear that my most anticipated product to use was the 'Glamglow  PowerMud' face mask. Every blogger I know has had something to say about this range so naturally I was itching to put it to the test.

Unusually, this face mask comes with a brush to minimise waste and make for an easier application and I really enjoyed using it, it felt much more hygienic on the skin. The first thing I noticed about the actual product was that a little goes a long way and my face had an ample covering with minimal product - win! The product had a lovely rich consistency however it did leave my skin a little stingy at first. I am quite sensitive though so I tend to find this with a number of products (thank-you eczema). After leaving the product for 10 minutes my skin was uncomfortably taut so I was relieved to take the mask off with warm water and a flannel. Although the mask was undoubtedly tightening  I loved what it did, after removal my skin wasn't red or sore to touch and was instantly smooth and looking radiant. 

Glamglow perfectly describes this product as 'a powerfully gentle dual cleanse treatment', all the power when it's working, but smooth gentle skin left behind. Retailing at £49.99 it's one of the more expensive masks out there but after use I'd say it's well worth it. When I can afford to indulge in it I definitely will. The strength of the product means you only need to use it once a week (or when you really need a detox) so it will definitely last long enough to justify such a spend! Have you ever tried the Glamglow products? Aisling. xo 

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  1. Oh this mask sounds interesting! I'm after some new skincare products, so I'll definitely have to look into this. Great review Aisling :)

    Lauren |