Body Shop Sundays: Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil.


When it comes to Body Shop products, skincare is my vice. I am obsessed and I don't think I'll be happy until I've tried every product they have to offer. But truth be told, the Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil was something I just wasn't fussed on. Until I got it.

In my teens I was the oiliest girl around, and although my skin has undoubtedly become drier as I've gotten older, I still couldn't shake the general 'ick' feeling when I thought about putting an oil on my face. But since facial oils are critically acclaimed and the product was flying off the shelves in work I decided it was time to invest. 

The serum in oil comes with a handy little dropper that allows you to dispense the product around your face. Once applied I simply massage into the skin, and I always aim to do it around 30 minutes before bed to allow the product to initially sink in. There's no denying that the oil does sit on your face, but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky as I'd initially imagined. It has the standard Vitamin E scent (think Johnson's Baby) and feels so luxurious on the skin. In the morning the product has completely absorbed and your skin is left feeling replenished and supple. It contains the highest concentration of wheatgerm oil across the entire Vitamin E range as well as Marula, Sesame and Soya Oils so baby soft skin is a given! 

I'm obsessed with this and couldn't be without it in my night time skincare routine. It's a perfect product for anyone who's rushed at night, as it contains your serum and oil in one handy product, and at £12 who can complain?! 

Would you ever put an oil on your face? Aisling. xo

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Night Time Skincare: Your new best friend.


Night time skin care can be a daunting, with so many products promising us the world (and most of them costing an arm and a leg!) it's easy to get overwhelmed. But it's a necessity. At night time, your skin can be clean and fresh and focus all it's energy into absorbing the goodness you put on it, instead of trying to protect itself from the sun, dirt, makeup and general wear and tear.

The first step in any effective night time routine is double cleansing (shout out to Caroline Hirons for this beauty gem!). As she rightly says, make-up is designed to stay on your face - take the time to remove it. Whether this be removing your eye-makeup and face make-up with different products, or simply using an oil cleanser and then a wash, you need to do it. (But NO WIPES). Leaving traces of dirt on your face will only lessen the effect your over night products will have, and that's just waste! So start double cleansing. Toning is also a beneficial step that not everyone loves. It simply removes the final traces of grime and the light consistency leaves the skin feeling refreshed and prepped for moisturiser, so it really is worth your while.

Which brings me to my next step: moisturising and treatments. Something I've learned through working with skincare is that layering is key. It's highly unlikely that one product will sort out all your skin woes, so what's the solution? Layer the products that you need. You'll use less of everything and actually combat your problems. When layering, it's key you apply serums first as they have a lower oil base formulation meaning they can penetrate deeper into the epidermal later. And by applying them first they actually enhance the effect your moisturiser has. Woo! Regardless of how many products you're applying ensure you use the thickest moisturiser last. It will help to lock in all the goodness from serums and oils you've previously applied.

And you're done. Skin care doesn't have to be this crazy world of mystery. When you've found a routine and products that suit you try your best to stick to it. The payoff will be unbelievable! This is coming from a girl who used to swear my using face wipes to remove my makeup (the shame!).

I realise that picking up a whole new skin care routine can sometimes be a bit pricey, so I'm going to give you a hand. Enter my giveaway HERE for your chance to win a Body Shop skincare routine tailored to your skins needs. What are you waiting for? Aisling. xo

GIVEAWAY. A Body Shop Skincare Routine.

If you've read my latest post - or just know me as a person. You'll know that night time skincare is something I can't live without. And after writing down all the benefits of it I've decided to let you all be in with the chance to win a routine tailored to you and your skin woes!

So what are you actually going to win? First up you'll be winning one of my favourite products from the Body Shop, the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. For all skin types, this is a life saver when it comes to make-up removal, as quick and easy as wipes and much better for your skin. It's also an amazing first step to your double cleansing routine.

Next up you'll be winning a cleanser and toner duo to cater to your skin needs and remove any wear and tear your skin has faced throughout the day, paired with the accompanying night cream to really nourish your skin as you sleep. Finally I'll be throwing in some accompany accessories and maybe a few surprises so that your skin is kept in tip-top form!

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GOOD LUCK. Aisling. xo

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Being Vulnerable.


In life, everyone's just trying to get by without any major disasters, heartache or misery. Truth be told a lot of this is out of our control and sometimes we can't help but let ourselves get hurt. I have been extremely lucky in life to have been surrounded by a very happy family and people who love me, right up until I moved away. This constant support in such close proximity means that I grew up with my heart on my sleeve. When I moved, I met so many people who were the complete opposite of me and I've always tended to be the 'soft' or 'naive' one in the friendship group.  

In a past relationship I was unfortunately cheated on, and I chose to stay with that person as I cared about them a-lot. Even though what happened hurt me deeply I had to give him a second chance and not listen to those people who told me I should dump him and get rid. I just don't work like that - I can't turn off my feelings. Fast forward 6 months and I'm getting dumped over the phone and feeling like an utter idiot. Cue lots of 'What did you expect?' and 'I told you so.' from friends and family. But, to this day I don't regret staying with him. It's made me a stronger person and taught me things about myself I wouldn't have otherwise known. 

Being vulnerable with your emotions ultimately means you may get hurt more than your average joe but that's nothing to be ashamed of. I cry at pretty much every film I watch and enjoy nothing more than a soppy love story, I put myself out there and sometimes I do get hurt because of it. But I'd rather be like this than lock my emotions away. 

I don't know why I decided to write this post. A lot of girls get abuse for being a teensy bit emotional and I honestly don't know why this is seen as a negative. I recently saw (my ultimate girl crush) Taylor Swift getting slammed in the media for being over-emotional and it actually sickens me. As if a man would ever get that critique! It takes courage to be vulnerable and there's nothing wrong with channeling your thoughts into something productive. Feelings are normal and I feel sorry for people who hide them away. Life is too short. If you love someone - tell them. If you believe in someone, don't let anyone tell you not to. Do what makes you happy and don't be afraid to get hurt. In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

Aisling. xo