Thrust & Disobey: Illamasqua.


Only Illamasqua could have names for their blushes like this, am I right? When it comes to cheeks I am very much a rosy pink kinda gal but, you know what I'm like when I see something purple.. Illamasqua blushes have always been a soft spot of mine.. along with every other item they sell. But these two are my current favourites.

Disobey was the first Illamasqua blush I ever got and it's been repurchased time and time again since. It's a gorgeous matte biscuity brown that gives a subtle contour that can be built upon if you like a more chiseled cheekbone. I also like to pop some of this through my eye socket on those 'no make-up' days. It's a natural toned shade that easily blends to give an effortless definition with a little something more.

Now for Thrust. I ordered this blush online and I got a bit of a shock. Described as a 'matte deep magenta pink' there is no doubt in my mind that Thrust is purple. In saying this, when applied with a light hand it gives a simple yet stunning flushed shade. If you fancy going for a dramatic glow it can be layered but I think with this colour, less is definitely more.

Matte blushes will forever be my favourite and these two aren't moving from the top of my list for a long time. The buttery texture means they go on like a dream and amazing pigmentation means you definitely get your money's worth! Would you ever venture to purple blush? Aisling. xo

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