Not That Kind Of Girl.. Or Am I?


As far as idols and girl crushes go, Lena Dunham is my one and only; I have been absolutely obsessed with her since I started watching 'Girls' a few years ago. I don't know what it is about her, whether it's her down to earth nature, body confidence or her general attitude towards the media and haters, I just can't get enough. So naturally when I heard she was releasing a book I got super excited to read all about this incredible woman.

As ever it took me longer than anticipated to get my hands on it. But I finally did a few months ago and I literally couldn't put it down. The book is divided into sections such as 'Love & Sex', 'Work', 'Friendships' and 'Body' where Lena delves into everything and anything on the topic at hand. Her honest words really spoke to me and I couldn't help but feel like I was reading about aspects of my own life.

My favourite chapter was probably 'Love & Sex'. It was so refreshing to read someones real stories about heartbreak, disasters and mix-ups that we've all been through and are sometimes too afraid to say. Lena reminds us that it's okay to get emotional with some of my favourite quotes such as, 'Pit stops are okay on the road of life.' and 'You will find, there is a certain grace to having your heart broken.'

It's unusual to read from the point of view of someone who's not afraid to say what she thinks, and this makes me respect her so much. Throughout the book Lena also tackles some of life's more daunting topic's such as death and feminism. I didn't know how I would feel reading a chapter about death but it actually comforted me somewhat and I felt like I was reading a friends thoughts. As a person I find it hard to keep things from people and often wonder if I'm too honest and open. When Lena states 'I live in a world that is compulsively free of secrets.' it helped me realise I'm not the only one. 

I can't stop gushing about this book to everyone I meet. At a time in my life when I'm a little bit all over the place it was a much needed reminder that it's okay not to be okay all the time and that things will improve. Sometimes you have to go through the hard stuff to realise who you are as a person. Aisling. xo 

Ladies who Brunch.


Brunch is one of those meals that I adore, but for some reason never go out for. When organising a catch-up with my lovely friend Sophie she suggested The Tavern Company. The Tavern Company is a Mexican/American BBQ restaurant by night, but until 2.30pm it's home to the 'Nations Best Breakfast.' Naturally, I had to put it to the test. 

Situated just off the famous Penny Lane, the outside of the venue looks and feels rather like a bar until you get through to the restaurant area. The decor is rather vintage and we got sat in the stunning library section. After receiving our first (of many) cups of bottomless coffee we got a glimpse at the vast menu and amazing range of brunches available. From your full english, to deli bagels, steak and eggs and amazing vegetarian options the choice is incredible. Both Sophie and myself were terrified of the dreaded 'food envy' so we both opted for 'The American'.. with extra hash browns on the side of course. The breakfast contains a delicious combination inspired by Jack’s Deli -2 rashers of lean back bacon, baked beans, home fries, 2 perfectly fried eggs, toast and a warm fluffy pancake with Aunt Jemima’s famous syrup straight from the USA. We couldn't believe our eyes when it arrived within 15 minutes of ordering. To quote Sophie 'It's like Robin Thicke.. they know we want it.'

It was amazing. I've never had breakfast quite like it. The service was fantastic and my cup didn't empty the whole 2 hours we spent there. The atmosphere was light and fun and I felt like I belonged in Sex and the City. Although I think Carrie Bradshaw would've been on the 'Lighter Appetite' menu..I can't wait to visit again and explore the other breakfast options, although the waistband of my jeans might not like it..  Aisling. xo

Body Shop Sundays: Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick.


Hidey ho neighborinos! I've been such a slacker on the blog front recently but I've had quite a lot of exciting things going on in real life (promotions and all sorts!) and unfortunately blogging just had to take a back seat. But I'm back with one of my latest loves from my one and only Body Shop. 
The Body Shop launched some stunning products in February this year as part of the new 'Smoky Poppy' range. As well as the gorgeous body care products, the make-up collection got a share of the fun with some brand new 'Poppy Palettes' and Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks that I am totally obsessed with. The Velvet sticks got released in a variety of colours to suit everyones needs. As you would expect, my favourite is the purple toned one - but it comes with a bit of a twist. 

By adapting to the pH of your skin, the universal shade transforms into your own unique poppy shade meaning no one will have lips quite like yours. The petal soft formula glides on the lips like a dream and although it's matte, the product contains community fair trade beeswax from Cameroon meaning it won't dry you out (a pet peeve of mine.). The colour has relatively long wear considering it's lightweight formula and can be quickly and easily topped up throughout the day. 

You have to work fast if you're going to use this product on the cheeks, as the staining qualities can set quickly and leave you looking a little more doll-like than intended. For this reason I tend to use it solely on the lips. On me, the colour is comes out as a cool-toned fuschia but on my sister it comes out as a deeper toned purple. It really is such a fascinating product! If you're near a local Body Shop pop in and see how it turns out on you! Aisling. xo