Facets by Illamasqua.


When it comes to Illamasqua palettes I guess you could say I have a fair few.. but when they released the brand new 'Facets' collection it was inevitable I'd be nabbing one. I've had it since October and I can't believe I'm only getting around to blogging it now! Shame on me.

The Facets palettes are unlike any that Illamasqua have launched before in that they provide products for the whole face. You have your 4 eyeshadows, a blush, contour, highlight and brow powder! I went for the palette in the shade Aura which was slightly lighter than Semblance - I thought it would suit my skin tone more! Now being honest I already have a few of the products in the single forms. But I just had to get them in the little palette - so damn cute. The products in the palette include Gleam Highlighter in Aurora, Cream Pigment in Hollow, Eyebrow Cake in Thunder and Powder Blusher in Tremble. The palette also contains 4 powder eyeshadows which (rather annoyingly) we don't get the name of.

Having already reviewed Hollow you'll know I love it, and the eyebrow cake gives me a flawless brow every time. The blush in Tremble is such a pretty pink, effortless rosy cheeks without being too over powering, and the cream highlighter goes on like a dream and gives a subtle glow without that shine that can sometimes occur. As ever the products are amazingly pigmented and long-wearing and I tend to slowly build them to ensure they last all day. My only teensy issue with the palette is the colour of the eyeshadows - and I can't even believe I'm saying this. But they're just too pink. The base, crease and liner colour are lovely, but when you add the peach toned all-over colour I just don't really like the effect. Pink-toned eye looks aren't realllyyy my thing so I need to add a muted brown to this quad to get the effect I want - (sob sob) sorry Illamasqua.

All in all, I do like this palette - moreso for the face products than the eye shadows but these things do happen. The pros outweigh the cons for me, pretty much everything I need on the go in a handy compact so really I can't complain. I still love you Illamasqua. Aisling. xo


  1. Also not a fan of overly pink pigmented eye shadows, they tend to make me look ill!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  2. Totally agree - I really don't like how pink they are. Reminds me of my 13 year old glitter / pink eyeshadow combo which is really not what look I'm going for these days! The highlight is dreamy though.
    Katie xx LA-COCO-NOIRE ¦ Food, Lifestyle and Photography Blog

  3. So with you on the pink eye shadow front:) it's not a good look but glad everything else about the palette is good:

    Laura @ Liberty loves makeup

  4. Pretty palette shame about the pink eyeshadow! x