Facets by Illamasqua.


When it comes to Illamasqua palettes I guess you could say I have a fair few.. but when they released the brand new 'Facets' collection it was inevitable I'd be nabbing one. I've had it since October and I can't believe I'm only getting around to blogging it now! Shame on me.

The Facets palettes are unlike any that Illamasqua have launched before in that they provide products for the whole face. You have your 4 eyeshadows, a blush, contour, highlight and brow powder! I went for the palette in the shade Aura which was slightly lighter than Semblance - I thought it would suit my skin tone more! Now being honest I already have a few of the products in the single forms. But I just had to get them in the little palette - so damn cute. The products in the palette include Gleam Highlighter in Aurora, Cream Pigment in Hollow, Eyebrow Cake in Thunder and Powder Blusher in Tremble. The palette also contains 4 powder eyeshadows which (rather annoyingly) we don't get the name of.

Having already reviewed Hollow you'll know I love it, and the eyebrow cake gives me a flawless brow every time. The blush in Tremble is such a pretty pink, effortless rosy cheeks without being too over powering, and the cream highlighter goes on like a dream and gives a subtle glow without that shine that can sometimes occur. As ever the products are amazingly pigmented and long-wearing and I tend to slowly build them to ensure they last all day. My only teensy issue with the palette is the colour of the eyeshadows - and I can't even believe I'm saying this. But they're just too pink. The base, crease and liner colour are lovely, but when you add the peach toned all-over colour I just don't really like the effect. Pink-toned eye looks aren't realllyyy my thing so I need to add a muted brown to this quad to get the effect I want - (sob sob) sorry Illamasqua.

All in all, I do like this palette - moreso for the face products than the eye shadows but these things do happen. The pros outweigh the cons for me, pretty much everything I need on the go in a handy compact so really I can't complain. I still love you Illamasqua. Aisling. xo

February Highlights.


Some bloggers frequently write monthly favourites, which are posts I'm obsessed with reading. But me being me, I thought I might like to take a different spin on this and post monthly highlights, including days out and events that have given me something to smile about in the past 4 weeks. Sooo what exactly have I been up to in February?

1. An incredible weekend in Buxton.

My gorgeous sister turned 30 (!) at the beginning of February and, because her birthday is so close to another 2 of her friends, 25 of us ventured to the Peak District to have a jolly old time in a gorgeous manor house for the weekend. Quarnford Lodge is just outside Buxton and overlooks some stunning scenery. It sleeps 28 and is the most beautiful lodge I've ever seen. The rustic decor and word burning stove made me feel like I had travelled back in time, and the snow covered hills were a treat to wake up to. We couldn't have had a better time and I still get sad thinking about how good it was! Equipped with massive sofas, a snooker and ping-pong table and a gorgeous courtyard - I hope it's not too long before I'm back!

2. A day on the bikes.

I know I already did a full post on this so I'll keep this one quick. My flat mate Lorna and I rented out the Liverpool citybikes for a day and took a little jaunt in the direction of Otterspool and in particular Festival Gardens. We had the funnest day ever including a picnic and a tumble on my part, and you can check it out in more detail here

3. The Roscoes single launch.

Live music is one of my most favourite things to enjoy and it's something I just haven't done enough since I moved back to Liverpool. But, last Sunday I took to the Magnet in the city centre to attend The Roscoes' single launch. The Magnet is a lush venue and the band put on such a show. I was incredibly impressed with the talent, in particular the vocals. It reminds me of The Black Keys so much, and the songs were so catchy you felt like you knew them after just one chorus. It was lovely to see a real passion for the music live on stage and I will definitely be checking them out again! If you like your soulful rock and catchy tunes check them out on Sound Cloud here. You won't regret it.

4. Nights with Friends.

When you graduate university it becomes increasingly harder to see the people you used to spend 24/7 with. Either everyone moves back home or you all stay in the same city, working jobs with different shifts and barely catching a minute together. Both of these scenarios are the case for me but luckily this month I got two nights out with some of my best chummies! One of my best gal pals has gone off travelling to South America so we just had to have a bit of a knees up to say goodbye. And another of my friends works in an incredibly busy restaurant and never gets a Saturday off. But this month he did! So we well and truly made the most of it and painted the town red.. with a bit of a sore head the next day.

I have had such a good February - and writing this has really made me see that! Here's hoping March's Highlights are as good eh! Aisling. xo 

Urban Decay: Pulp Fiction.


Urban Decay are one of those brands that I've consistently used since I got into make-up way back when. As I've aged I've slowly ventured away from the glittery greens and pinks and grown to love matte neutrals, so when I see they've released an all neutral palette I'm always delighted. The Naked range is a given of course, but today I'm talking about the Pulp Fiction palette they released as part of their Autumnal collection. Which obviously I'm only getting around to blogging now.. 

The palette is inspired by Mrs Mia Wallace and helps you recreate her look. The five piece is composed of
Righteous - a matte light cream.
Tyranny - a matte warm brown.
Vengeance - a deep satin-matte taupe brown.
Furious - a satin white.
Anger - a satin black.

In my eyes, Urban Decay can do no wrong when it comes to eyeshadows. The pigmentation of this is incredible and they have amazing staying power, although I do pair it with my handy primer potion! The colours blend beautifully together and I've had compliments on the cut crease looks I can achieve with the matte shades. Being honest I don't really use the brush that comes with it, and if I do it's only to highlight the brow bone - which it is the perfect size for. I'm fussy when it comes to eye brushes and tend to stick to my trusty Zoeva Rose Gold Set. The set also comes with an adorable guide to help you create the perfect Mia look, and tells you what lipstick will compliment it best.

I'm so impressed with this little kit. It's fast become my daily go-to and kicked Naked Basics on the back burner for a while! And it looks super cool in my makeup collection. What do you think of themed palettes? Aisling. xo