Zoeva: Rose Golden Luxury Set.


If you'd asked me a few years ago to rank my must-have beauty products and tools, brushes would have been pretty low on the list. I just didn't really see the fuss - the only reason I liked them was because they kept my hands clean. I didn't feel they made that much of a difference to my actual makeup.. That was until I was introduced to my (now old faithful) Real Techniques brushes and my life was changed for the better. But now I'm ready to branch out into the brush world and I finally did with the stunning Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set. 

This beautiful set includes 8 brushes which cover all your needs from contouring to that pesky winged liner:

106 - Powder Brush
110 - Face Shape Brush
102 - Silk Finish Brush
127 - Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
142 - Concealer Buffer Brush

227 - Soft Definer Brush
231 - Petit Crease Brush
317 - Winged Liner Brush

I am beyond impressed with the quality of these brushes, they rival my beloved Real Techniques and they feel so luxurious in your hand (as well as to look at!). The brushes contain densely packed, natural and synthetic hairs that work beautifully with cream and powder products. My personal favourites are the 102 Silk Finish brush, the 227 Soft Definer brush (an amazing dupe for MAC's 217!) and the 231 Petit Crease brush, which gives the most amazing defined crease I've had in ages! Although the set is pricey at €58 in Europe and around £56 in the UK, it works out at only £7 a brush, and who can say no to that?!

These brushes have quickly knocked my old favourites out of my everyday routine and I'm already looking at expanding my Zoeva collection! Have you ever tried Zoeva products? Aisling. xo


  1. OH GOD THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! Haha. I'm so jealous hehe! One day... haha.
    I've heard some amazing things about these brushes!
    Jemma xxx

  2. These are so pretty, I'm desperate to try them. I love the little bag they come in too


  3. They are beautiful, even just to look at!! £7 a brush is actually not so bad...might be able to justify buying them now haha!!

    Emma xx


  4. They're so amazing aren't they :) great quality and so beautiful! Lovely photos xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  5. I NEED this set!! I am so jealous of everyone who has them! I love my RT brushes too there the only ones I own with one body shop brush! Xx

  6. Thank you for showing these off. I love them! Can't wait to add them to my collection

    Anna xox


  7. These look great and what an amazing price! Its so funny how brushes used to rarely be part of my make up routine but as you get older you realise how important they are!

    Lovely blog missy

    Collette xxx