Paper Towns.


When it comes to books I'm a sucker for anything in the young adult category (even at 23!). And after the tear-jerker that was The Fault in our Stars I've had an obsession with everything John Green, constantly searching for that emotional roller-coaster once more. 

As ever, when I heard Paper Towns was being made into a movie I nipped out to read it before it was released. The story follows our protagonist Quentin (Q) who, at the start of the book has a crazy, once in a life time overnight adventure with the interesting and quirky Margo. Q is in awe of Margo and can't wait to see her the next day.. that is until she doesn't show up at school. Fast forward a week: Margo still isn't back. Q takes it upon himself (and forces some friends) to piece together clues he's felt Margo has left for him to find her whereabouts and bring her home. The problem is.. does Margo actually want to be found?

I absolutely adored this book. It wasn't exactly what I thought it would be when I picked it up but I was captivated by the story. Margo is such a vital character in it but in actual fact she's missing for majority of the book, and I loved journeying with Q as he tried to work out this mysterious girl. For the parts that we do see of her I loved her personality, she has some incredible quotes that really hit home. Her relationship with Q (what there was of it) wasn't the norm for a young adult book but I found that quite refreshing. Q is also a delight to read, and his 2 best friends as supporting characters provided some real laughs. The writing style was perfect and the chapters weren't too long (a pet peeve of mine). There's an amazing 'count down' style end to the book that makes you feel like you're really experiencing the rush with Q and the gang. 

I am so impressed with this book and it's getting 5/5 from me. I have to admit after reading 'Looking for Alaska' and 'An Abundance of Katherines' I thought John Green was a bit of a one trick pony - I didn't enjoy either of them! But Paper Towns has knocked that on the head and I now can't wait to see the film (starring Cara Delevigne as Margo no less!) and read my next John Green on the waiting list!

Have you read Paper Towns or any other John Green novels? Aisling. xo

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  1. After reading TFIOS I really really want to read this!