Purple Splurges.


I honestly don't know when I'll have had enough of purple lip colours, but I can safely say that it won't be for a long long time. With 3 new purples added to my collection over the festive period of course I thought it appropriate to go spend my Debenhams vouchers on another one.. 

After lusting after Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush for months I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous product in Shade 11, Prune Impertinente. The easily blended, air-whipped formula has a soft matte finish and features an exclusive 'hidden pearl' applicator for perfect lips every time. The shade is a stunning plum/wine toned colour, so although it's a quite deep when liberally applied, one coat leaves you with gorgeous wine stained lips. I've gotten so many complements when I wear it! The lightweight formula lasts surprisingly well at around 2-3 hours. However the colour does transfer slightly more than other matte lipsticks I've tried which can be a bit of a pain when eating/drinking. The stunning formula makes my lips look photoshopped. Seriously. Even if they are slightly cracked the product glides on and doesn't emphasise any dry patches which is an actual life saver in these colder months. 

Now.. confession time. I don't really like this product as a cheek stain. At all. But this is no fault of the products I'm just not a huge fan of cream blushes anyway. I wear quite a full coverage foundation so when applying a cream on top and trying to quickly rub it in, smudging inevitably occurs and personally it does not work. I think the lighter shades may work better as a blush. Mine is such a deep colour you have to apply the tiniest amount and then work very quickly to blend before it sets. 

All in all, although pricey (£27!) I am obsessed with this as a lip product. I wear it at any given opportunity and it makes me feel amazing. YSL can do no wrong. Aisling. xo


  1. its lovely to get vouchers so you can splash someone elses cash on a quality product. This looks lovely on you x


  2. it looks stunning on you! xx


  3. This is such a gorgeous colour on you Aisling! And I think you obsession with purple lip colours is a bit like mine with red... I've bought so many over the past month haha

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

  4. Lips AND CHEEKS? I would be scared to put that on my cheeks! haha. Its gorgeous as a lip colour though, it really suits you

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  5. I always mean to go and have a look at these, I love their Glossy Stains. I think I will go have a bit of a snoop, this colour looks amazing on you too!

    Eloise x