Body Shop Sundays: Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask.


So this one's a title and a half.. I have had such a lazy week on the blog front - life dramas and volunteering got in the way of my regular posts but, ahead of my Body Shop skincare event this week I just had to post about the product I can't get enough of. 

The Drops of Youth range has been an amazing success for The Body Shop, with the Drops of Youth Concentrate being a bestseller nationwide. So when it was announced a new product was being released I knew it was gonna be a good'un. Enriched with Edelweiss stem cell technology, the Bouncy Sleep Mask works over night to leave your skin feeling smooth and replenished. 

Now being honest, the Bouncy Sleep Mask talks a-lot of talk, but could it walk the walk? Or the skincare equivalent.. (Spoiler: Yes, it could). A ma-hoosive perk of working in the Body Shop is that we get samples sent in store for the staff to try out so we can give honest opinions to our customers asking advice. And when the girls and I saw this our faces dropped. The product is like nothing I've seen before, with a unique and bouncy memory foam texture that can only really be compared with a memory foam mattress, this over night mask really is something special. 

Only recently has night time skincare become an issue for me, the cold weather has been drying my skin out and I've suddenly had the realisation that wrinkles happen and I need to start doing something about it! It was all a bit daunting to start with, serums, oils, concentrates and moisturisers - I was in out of my depth. But this mask covers all bases in one quick and easy step. Being from the Drops of Youth range it not only gives me vital overnight moisture but also has youth enhancing qualities that recharge the skin and leave me fresh and bouncy in the morning. The texture of the product means that it can feel slightly sticky and dewy on the skin, and for this reason I apply it 15-20 minutes before I go to sleep to avoid a sticky pillow! The reason for this is that it locks in any previous creams or serums you've used prior and prevents them rubbing off. 

This mask has changed my life (or at least my skin care routine) for the better. I wake up everyday with a fresh, replenished complexion, something I noticed after just one use. If you're new to night time skincare or just fancy mixing up your routine a bit you should invest in this - I promise you won't look back! Aisling. xo

(And no, I wasn't told to say any of this - I'm honestly obsessed with this product!)

Purple Splurges.


I honestly don't know when I'll have had enough of purple lip colours, but I can safely say that it won't be for a long long time. With 3 new purples added to my collection over the festive period of course I thought it appropriate to go spend my Debenhams vouchers on another one.. 

After lusting after Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush for months I decided to treat myself to this gorgeous product in Shade 11, Prune Impertinente. The easily blended, air-whipped formula has a soft matte finish and features an exclusive 'hidden pearl' applicator for perfect lips every time. The shade is a stunning plum/wine toned colour, so although it's a quite deep when liberally applied, one coat leaves you with gorgeous wine stained lips. I've gotten so many complements when I wear it! The lightweight formula lasts surprisingly well at around 2-3 hours. However the colour does transfer slightly more than other matte lipsticks I've tried which can be a bit of a pain when eating/drinking. The stunning formula makes my lips look photoshopped. Seriously. Even if they are slightly cracked the product glides on and doesn't emphasise any dry patches which is an actual life saver in these colder months. 

Now.. confession time. I don't really like this product as a cheek stain. At all. But this is no fault of the products I'm just not a huge fan of cream blushes anyway. I wear quite a full coverage foundation so when applying a cream on top and trying to quickly rub it in, smudging inevitably occurs and personally it does not work. I think the lighter shades may work better as a blush. Mine is such a deep colour you have to apply the tiniest amount and then work very quickly to blend before it sets. 

All in all, although pricey (£27!) I am obsessed with this as a lip product. I wear it at any given opportunity and it makes me feel amazing. YSL can do no wrong. Aisling. xo

Doggie Days.


As an animal lover living not only in a busy city, but also in a flat where you're not allowed pets, finding an outlet for my interest's can be tough. I find spending time with any animal extremely rewarding so when I stumbled upon Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre, a charity devoted to providing sanctuary and care to abandoned and rescued animals, I knew I had to get involved somehow. 

Based just outside Liverpool, Freshfields Animal Rescue offers sanctuary to a variety of animals from dogs and cats to hamsters, chinchillas and several farmyard animals. When trying to get involved I noticed a 'Volunteer' page and quickly signed up to be an off-site dog-walker. This basically involves taking the rescue dogs out on a little walk in the country side to help lighten the workers loads a little, give the animals some enrichment and a hopefully a bit of fun. 

Today myself and a friend popped to the Liverpool centre (there's also one in North Wales) to walk a couple of dogs, and I think we got the cutest dogs in the whole shelter. Father and son duo, Jesse (black) and Bruno (tan) are two cross-breeds and the most playful, easy-going dogs you could ever meet. We had such a lovely day walking them through the countryside and it makes me sad to think that someone abandoned these two. If you live near an animal shelter I can't recommend volunteering enough. It gave me such a lift to spend some time with animals that are grateful and I knew I had used my day off in a worth while way. You can catch up with the work that Freshfields do here. I hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post! It's a bit unusual for me but these two boys were just too cute not to share. Aisling. xo

Body Shop Sundays: All In One Instablur.


Well it was only a matter of time before I posted about a Body Shop product wasn't it? And because my collection of their products is growing with every shift I work I thought I would start a little mini series called Body Shop Sundays! Which isn't my most inventive series name but these things happen...

Instablur is a Body Shop product I had been lusting after for months and for some reason it took me actually getting a job there before I got my hands on it. But boyyyy am I glad I did. Instablur is a 5-in-one primer that smoothes skin's texture, prolongs makeup, minimises the appearance of pores, controls shine and conditions skin and comes in one universal shade. The face perfector gives you photo-ready skin in an instant and provides the perfect primer for any foundation or BB cream. 

I am a girl who cannot go a day without a primer, and it's safe to say I've spent a fair amount on them in my time. From high end to high street I'm pretty sure I've tried them all, but at the minute Instablur is at the top of my pile. This silicon based primer gives the skin a soft velvety texture. Although it has quite a thick texture it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and blurs my pores amazingly. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and well prepped for any foundation, although I've personally found it helps my liquid foundation last longer than any creams I've tried. The formula reduces my oiliness throughout the day and if I pair it with translucent powder my base is full-proof for up to 8 hours!

I am obsessed with this product and I use it everyday. I realise I'm a little late on the bandwagon with it but I'm glad I've discovered it now! Have you ever tried Instablur? What are your favourite primers? I'm always buying more! Aisling. xo

A Disease Called Love.


Whilst on my blogging hiatus due to busy life/lack of internet in my new flat, I got through my fair share of books. The first of which, 'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver, was provided by my lovely sister Carla who has the best taste when it comes to books and naturally, I couldn't wait to pick it up. 

Another dystopian novel, 'Delirium' follows our protagonist Lena in her life where love or 'the deliria', is seen as a disease. To prevent the disease controlling your life, citizens must undergo a surgical procedure at age 18. When we meet Lena she is mere weeks away from her procedure and cannot wait to have it. In her eyes a life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable and happy. That is until the mysterious Alex enters her life and changes it in ways she could have never imagined. 

This book ticked every box for me - punchy female lead, charming love interest and untold secrets made for an exciting read that I couldn't put down. I found the concept of the book amazing from the moment I read the blurb, and Oliver's writing and portrayal of Lena was lovely to read. Reading the change of the emotions that Lena goes through is something special and couldn't of been easy to write but it was done so very successfully. Not only does she have to deal with the thought of the surgery changing her life and emotions forever, but then to completely flip that on it's head and imagine the possibility of falling in love takes you on a whirlwind ride that doesn't let up. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the supporting character's roles, Hana (Lena's best friend) is her stark opposite and their conversations left me drawing comparisons with me and my best friend! But what definitely makes the book is Lena's relationship with Alex. It's development was so delightful to read and I got such a soft spot for him as the book went on. 

Although I loved the book I can't deny that the ending left me wanting a little bit more and I was slightly disappointed. But, being the first in a trilogy I'm going to save judgement on that til I've read the sequels and give Delirium 4/5. Have you read this book? What do you think of the concept? Aisling. xo

MAC Heroine.


Well of course my first official post back was going to be a lipstick.. and a purple one at that. But count yourself lucky it wasn't Illamasqua okay?..

When it comes to purple lipsticks it's safe to say I have a fair few... But surprisingly none quite like Heroine, and if I'm being honest I only bought it because a friend purchased it first and I shamelessly copied her (Thanks Steph!). 

As ever the bullet is MACs signature - sleek and black, but this lipstick is something special. When I saw it I have to admit I was a little wary. I love a purple lipstick - don't get me wrong, but this was just so purple. Brighter than anything I'd previously owned, I was itching to try it on and when I did I honestly fell in love. MAC describes the shade as simply a bright purple, which it undoubtedly is but there's definitely a pink undertone to it that in my opinion gives it a somewhat pastel-esque look. 
The finish of this lipstick is my personal favourite - Matte. Not quite as drying as the Retro Matte range, but enough that it's going to stay in place all day without any touch ups. 

All in all it was love at first application with Heroine. I know I always say I'm an Illamasqua lipstick girl through and through but I have to admit - MAC are putting up a better fight with every lipstick I try! Would you ever rock this shade? Aisling. xo

A New Year A New .. Me?



Okay maybe not a new me.. but definitely a little fresh start for Rosy Smiles after my break away. 
 To be honest I don't really know why I'm writing this. I don't have thousands of followers or owe anyone an explanation but I can't help feel like I do need to clarify where I've been, and why I've been slacking at this whole blog malarkey recently. (Mostly because it annoys me when bloggers disappear with no reasoning!)

As of 2 months ago I moved back to Liverpool. When I graduated in 2013 I moved home with a plan to stay there and save up money to go travelling or do a masters. But, as the year went on I realised although I definitely want to do those things I wasn't ready just yet. So then the question was posed - what do I do? I couldn't keep living at home, I was missing my independent lifestyle and my friends far too much. So during the summer me and my best friend Lorna decided to move in together! Fast-forward to October and we're both in Liverpool with brand new and exciting jobs.. well on my part anyway.

I was so fortunate to walk into the most perfect job imaginable for any beauty blogger - a sales assistant role in The Body Shop! It is a job that I am absolutely loving; talking about skincare and make-up products all day is amazing, and the discount ain't bad either. I think you should prepare yourself for the occasional Body Shop product review..

So basically my whole life turned on it's head there for a while and I wasn't really up to/feeling the whole blog thing. I did miss being part of the community but I didn't want to produce shoddy posts just to have something to write. But now that I'm back, settled and itching to write I thought it was time to update you all on where I've been and where I've been hiding.

I am so excited to see what opportunities 2015 holds for me and I hope you stick along for the journey! Aisling.xo