Lifestyle | Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe.


Oh ho what is this we have here? A baking post, say what?! Okay so it’s not official baking but I thought I’d share with you all the recipe for my famous Raspberry and Chocolate Cheesecake! If there’s any kind of function or family event happening I am always asked to make this – and for good reason, it is super yummy!

So before we start these are all the ingredients you’ll need:
  • digestive biscuits, 180g
  • butter, 75g melted
  • milk chocolate, 100g
  • cream cheese, 300g
  • double cream, 200ml
  • sugar, 75g
  • raspberries, 150g
  • a flake to serve, (optional)

(Side note: When I make this it’s usually for a large number of people so I tend to double the recipe.)
So, first up we have to make the base. To do this you have to crush your digestive biscuits into a fine crumble. You can do this by hand but I like to use a food processor as it makes them nice and uniform and a bit more professional looking!

Once you’ve crumbled these and put them in a bowl you need to melt your butter over a low heat and add it to the digestives. I like to do this gradually to ensure the butter is evenly spread throughout the mixture. You then want to place this mixture into a cake tin that you can pop the bottom out of, or in my case a large plate with a circular mould on it. Once you have this done put the base in the fridge to help the butter harden and hold it all together.

Now is time for the fun part, the topping! To make this you need to mix your cream cheese, double cream and sugar in a big mixing bowl. A little tip here is to put the cream cheese in first and then give it a good stir with a wooden spoon. It can be really tough to manoeuvre if you just chuck it all in together. When this has all been mixed to a smooth, creamy consistency you can leave it aside and start melting your chocolate. You can either do this in the microwave or in a bowl over some hot water (my preferred method as it’s less likely to burn).

Whilst the chocolate is melting wash your raspberries and roughly chop them. You can just lob them in whole but I like to do this to ensure the flavour is well dispersed through the mixture! And it gives a lovely pink colour.

Once the chocolate is smooth and melted simply add it to the mixture and give it a swirl around. You can mix it as much or as little as you like but I tend to give it a good old stir! Once this is done you simply pop it on top of your base as evenly as possible and leave over night! Leave it in the fridge or somewhere cool to allow the topping to thicken. As a finishing touch (and to hide any messy bits!) I crumble a flake over the top as a little garnish as I think it looks a bit bare without.

And there we have it! This cheesecake gets me so many compliments; I’d go as far to say it’s my signature dish! What do you guys like to make? I’d love some inspiration! xo


  1. This looks SO delicious Aisling! Think I will definitely have to give it a go this weekend. The only thing I ever manage to bake successfully is slutty brownies. xx

    Lauren |

    1. It's so yummy! But I usually make myself sick licking the bowl and can never stomach any actual cheesecake haha. I'm trying brownie cookies today! xxx

    2. Are you using a recipe that includes Oreos? If not you should try it... best recipe ever, all of the boys in work love them! xx

  2. Ooo yum! My sister would love this for her birthday cake! <3 xx

    1. It's so delish but very heavy eating! A teeny slice is usually enough ahha xxx

  3. Oh my word I just love a good homemade cheesecake! My mum makes a great strawberry one. So easy to make and they taste soo good. Not too good for the waistline though! haha

    Emma | The Fashion Six

  4. this looks absolutely amazing! I'll definitely have to try this when I get a spare moment ^_^ x

    Anita | AllThingsAnita

  5. This looks fab! I've had a fair few cheesecake disasters but this recipe looks really interesting! x