Beauty | Wish Upon a Jar Night Cream


Oh hi guys... It feels like it’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down and written a proper post, when in fact it’s only been a month or so. Blogging’s always been a priority for me but lately I’ve had quite a lot going on – mainly involving taking time out and focusing on the next steps for me career wise. But I’ve also been working hard on my fitness regime/diet and trying to improve all aspects of life really! Truth be told I have missed blogging, even though I've only taken a month out. Quite a lot is going to be happening for me over the next few months and blogging may have to take a back seat, but I’m going to try and keep it up as best I can - it’s such a good outlet!

So now that we're up to date... back to the beauty! If you’re a frequent reader of Rosy Smiles you may have seen that little Boots Haul video I made. In that video I spoke about buying my first ever Soap and Glory (.. I know, I know). So this little post is about my favourite item that I picked up, the Wish Upon a Jar Night Cream.

Another shocking statement is that this jar of goodness is my first ever night cream! Because I have super oily skin I’d only ever used serums in the past but after talking to a few bloggers I bit the bullet and bought one. This little gem was on offer and comes in the usual gorgeous vintage-esque Soap and Glory packaging. The actual product comes in a beautiful mirrored sphere that will look gorgeous on any dressing table (not so gorgeous in my photos). The product is full of tetra peptides, fatty acids -the good kind, anti-oxidants and oxygen boosters that instantly brighten your skin! The cream itself is really thick and creamy meaning a little goes a long long way.  I love applying this, it’s luxurious and goes on like a dream.  I can actually feel my skin getting replenished when it’s on!

It’s safe to say that I love this product. My skin is amazingly hydrated and plump when I wake up, and this is something I used to constantly struggle with. The cream also contains an anti-aging complex but fortunately I don’t have that many wrinkles (yet!). I actually bought this product as a wrinkle preventer, and so far it is definitely doing its job!

I was skeptical of night creams up until I bought this but I can say for sure that I won’t be able to live without one anymore. It’s a total game changer in my skincare regime. Sure it’s yet another expense but with constant results it’s a small price to pay!

Do you use night cream? What are your favourites? I think I need to expand my collection! xo

Lifestyle | Get To Know Me Tag!


So hi. It's been a while. Well, not really a while but it's felt that way to me. I'm not sure what happened these past couple of weeks but I just haven't been feeling very 'bloggy' so to speak and I've been struggling with the next step for 'Rosy Smiles'. Whilst thinking all this through I was being super productive on YouTube when I came across Lauren's Get To Know Me Tag video. I realised I never did one of these tags and hadn't made a video in a while so hopped on the old band wagon!

It was really fun and a great excuse to get me back in the swing of things so I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit better! xo

Sidenote - I'm not too sure why my hair resembles Aslan from Narnia in this video.. I swear it looked okay on the day!

Books | The Book Thief.


It’s that time again! I’ve decided to make my book review a monthly occurrence as I love writing them and got some lovely comments on my last one (you cuties)! This month’s book is the amazing ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak. I picked up this book a while back as I’d heard there was a film coming out so, as always, I had to read it first.

This book is set in Nazi Germany and narrated by Death who, at the time, is very busy.  The story is set around a young girl named Liesel and her life in the new world of her foster parents. Throughout the book we see Liesel’s relationships with her foster parents, neighbours, and friends develop as she has to deal with tough circumstances, including hiding a Jew in her home. Liesel steals books, which soon become her main comfort when the bombs begin to fall. There is obviously a-lot more to the story than this but I don’t want to spoil anything! 

I loved this book. It’s a far cry from my usual reading repertoire (gotta love some young adult romance novels!) but the change was so welcome! Liesels’ character is so amicable and I personally was on her side from the get go – even if she was making poor decisions. Her relationship development makes for really touching reading, particularly with her foster father, Max the Jew and her young friend Rudy. I was (unsurprisingly) brought to tears multiple times throughout.

Although there are moments that severely tug at the heartstrings, Death’s narration provides a unique perspective as well as some light-hearted relief from what could easily have been a heavy subject matter. His (I’m assuming Death is a man; not sure why) tone is matter-of-fact while still maintaining compassion for events occurring and is a very refreshing take on narration. This is a major part of the attraction of the book for me and I wonder would it be as good without it?

Between Deaths narration and the touchy subject matter it’s hard to know how this story works – but it does. From the first chapter I was hooked and the story did not let up until the last word. It’s the most well written book I’ve read in a long long time and I can definitely say I will be looking for more of Markus Zusak’s work! I’ve yet to see the film but after the reading the book I don’t even feel like I need to! It has everything you could possibly need and is therefore getting 5/5 from me!

Have you read ‘The Book Thief’? Or even seen the film? xo