Recommend to a Friend | Let's Talk Blog Challenge.


Well lovies it is here. The final week of the LTBC! I’ve enjoyed this so much and thanks to all the gorgeous bloggers who helped make it so much fun. This week's topic is ‘Recommend to a Friend’ so it’s time to share with you all some of my favourite things!

First things first I’m not actually going to talk about any beauty on this post as I’m constantly recommending things on my blog anyway! Plus you all know I would just tell you to buy Illamasqua anyway. (Pssst. If you want to win some free Illamasqua don’t forget to enter my giveaway here.)

So now that’s sorted I’m going to kick off the recommendations with my current favourite clothing website. Ark is fast becoming my go-to website when I need an outfit for an occasion or if I have a particular look in mind. The dresses are to die for and they have key trends in categories to make them easier to locate on the website. A current favourite trend of mine is co-ords and Ark has them coming out of their ears!

This arrived today... Oops.
Summer music is always a big thing for everyone and this year George Ezra is at the top of my pile. I know he came out a while ago but I’ve recently used the wonder that is Spotify to discover some more of his music and I cannot get enough. His sound is bang on summer tunes for me and I can’t wait for the weather to brighten so I can get him blaring in the garden with a cider in hand.

On the topic of alcohol I’m now going to recommend you all my favourite wine. I’m not an alcoholic I swear. My number 1 rose is Gallo White Grenache. This wine is so yummy! It’s really light and has the loveliest strawberry tones in it. It’s really refreshing and is best served ice cold. Perfect summer drinking – especially if you’re not a wine person.

This next one is for any of you who, like me, are trying to cut down and get fit! I’ve started the gym and am eating much healthier but we all need a treat now and again. My go-to treat is my number 1 lolly, a Loop-de-Loop. These tasty buggers only have 85 calories! So you won’t feel too bad about enjoying one now and again.

If any of you ever venture to Liverpool (and I really think that you should) you just have to check out ‘Leaf on Bold Street’ for a bite to eat. This cute, vintage-esque café is my number 1 eatery in Liverpool. The décor is amazing and they specialize in tea! You can imagine many a uni-essay was written in here. As well as the beautiful setting the food is delish and really reasonably priced. You can see why it’s a hit with the students. It also always has things on at night, from live music to comedy there’s always something going on and if you get the chance you should definitely check it out!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I have a new found obsession with Game of Thrones. This show is actually amazing I watched nearly 4 seasons in 2 weeks and regret nothing. If you haven't started watching it yet; do! The story is brilliantly written (if not slightly heartbreaking) and I can't wait to see what happens next every week. And the cast isn't so bad on the eyes either...

I literally could not choose 1 picture. So here's 3. 

And finally my last recommendation is my favourite post from this whole challenge! It was really hard to choose as I loved posts from you all, especially Coveted Mess, Pale Girl and Polished &Primed. But.. my favourite one has to go to Claire from Loves and Looks. Her post for the ‘Survival Guide’ topic really hit the nail on the head! From the vodka to the blockia this gal has you covered for any night out. Be sure to check it out for your next big night!

There we have it., the challenge is done. Lot’s of fun was had and I’ve found some amazing blogs because of it. Again a massive thanks to everyone but especially the amazing Sarah from At The BeautyDesk who was the brains behind it all! All that’s left for me to say is good-bye and I’ll see you all on the next post! xo


  1. Thats gas Rosy! I picked the exact same post too by Claire. Haha, we obviously have the same taste. I'm dyin to check out that website though for clothes!! Great post
    Rach Xx

    1. Haha great minds Rach! Aw the clothes are incredible! I've loved everything I've ordered from it - and that doesn't happen often! xxx

  2. Great post! George Ezra was on Later with Jools Holland recently and that was the first I heard of him :)
    I want a loop de loop so bad right now :P
    I'm only begining with GOT so I've lots to catch up on :) If i ever go to Liverpool I'll keep your recommendation in mind.
    Oooh I like all the 90's looking stuff on Ark!

    Kerrie -

  3. Aisssslingg! I'm so touched you liked my post! Week made! Love Game of Thrones, you're probably watching it right now but omg this weeks episode had me reeling! Thanks or the blogger love darling :) xx

  4. Eeepp look at you mentioning me that's so nice thank you :) Sort in love with you after you mentioning that clothing website too, I've literally only looked for 2 minutes and I love everything on it already! Think I'll be making an order pretty soon :D Amazing post Ais loved it :)

    Aisling xx