Beauty | NARS Multiple Review.


Well it is finally time for my first ever NARS review, and I can already say it won’t be my last! I picked up a NARS Multiple in my little Liverpool Haul last month and I've been obsessed since first use. I actually went to the NARS counter to buy a Matte Multiple but unfortunately they weren’t available at the time (they are now I believe) so I picked up one of the originals, which have a more shimmery finish, in the shade ‘Copacabana.’ 

Prior to visiting NARS I had scoped out the products for a while and decided that the Multiple would be a good investment. This multi-purpose stick can be used on eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Although my shade (being a highlighter) will not be going on my lips!

Copacabana is described as a ‘glistening pearl with sheer silver pearls’ shade and it is to die for. This has quickly become my go-to highlighter. This creamy formula blends beautifully on the skin as well as with any product I’ve tried it on.  The shimmery highlight is absolutely beautiful.
It’s quite subtle and only becomes obvious when you turn your head or in the light, which is personally my favourite kind of highlighter – less is more and all that. I apply this with my fingers as their warmth helps the product blend, although sometimes I buff around the edges with my foundation brush so it looks more natural. 

Who knew how hard it was to swatch a highlighter?

I can see why this product won ‘Best Overall Highlighter’ from InStyle magazine as it’s wearable everywhere! I personally love it on the brow bone more than anywhere else as it’s so subtle. If this is the standard of all NARS products it won’t be too long before I’m investing in another product! Let’s face it it will probably be another Multiple; after my success with this and my love of all things matte I’m itching to get my hands on the new version! What are your favourite NARS products? Do you have any recommendations for me? xo


  1. This is gorgerous, I love the pearl effect!

    1. I think that makes the product it's so natural! xx