Beauty | Mac Brush Cleanser Review.


So I guess today’s post could be a little dull but it is definitely a necessity for all us brush lovers out there! I picked up the MAC Brush Cleaner to try aid my brush cleaning horrors. Although I shampoo wash my brushes once a week sometimes I need a quick fix if I’m changing eyeshadow/blush.

Prior to this I’d never used a brush cleaner before as I’d always worried they wouldn’t do a thorough job. I thought I’d give this a go after seeing the Pixiwoo girls using it and it was only £10! I was a bit anxious about using this as I just couldn’t see how it would effectively clean my brushes – but I was pleasantly surprised. After popping some product onto kitchen roll I swirled my brush in a circular motion a few times and voila! The product came off with minimal effort on my part. It was effective on every brush I used apart from my lip brush; but we all know lipstick can be a toughie even using shampoo!

I was really impressed with how well this cleaned my brushes and they were dry almost instantly so I could use them again. I don’t care for the alcohol like smell (shocking I know) but it’s a minor negative when I have clean, dry brushes in an instant! How do you clean your brushes? Have you invested in brush cleaner before? xo


  1. I love the MAC brush cleanser! Ideal for quick cleans between uses, though I have to admit I've been quite lazy about using it lately. This post has almost reminded me I need to wash all of my brushes :/ Really hate washing them.

    Lauren |

  2. I think I'm going to have to give this ago I normaly use IPA alcohol (but can't get hold of any) and a Solid Shampoo thing which is meant for paint brushes but it gets everything out so easily and its really gentle! xx

    Rosie |