Beauty | Heatless Curls: Fact or Fad?


Hi sweeties! Hope you're all well. Todays post is something a bit different for me but it's something I am totally obsessed with at the minute. Heatless curls have always been something of a mirage to me. I've tried countless methods to achieve them but nothing has worked. Seriously. Sock buns, paper curls you name it I've tried it! But, last week when I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for blog inspiration I've finally found a method that works!

I'm not sure if this technique has a proper name but I call it the headband method (original I know). When I saw it on Pinterest I quickly YouTubed it to get a better idea of how to do it and now I'm hooked.

It's quite hard to explain so I'll leave the link to the video I used here. But basically you take a soft headband and place it around your head. Then pull all your hair around to the front, near your neck.You then take a section at the front of your hair and flip it in and around the headband, like a loop. You then take the next section of hair, that includes a piece of hair from the previous section, and continue looping until you reach the back. You then do the same process on the other side. And then just sleep with it in! I am aware this explanation was really terrible so I'd recommend watching the video so you get a better idea.

So this is my hair at night-time all tucked into the headband.

And here it is in the morning when I took the headband out and gave it a bit of a tousle!

Do excuse my all black get-up. This was just before I went to work!

I am seriously amazed by this method as it leaves my hair lovely and bouncy without any heat damage! You all know I'm trying to improve the condition of my hair at the minute so this method has been a godsend. I've gotten so many complements on it in work and it looks like it takes a-lot of time and effort. Win! I will say that I personally find the curls hold better if you spritz your hair with a little bit of water before going to sleep. Especially if you have thick hair like me!

I hope you enjoyed this little hair post, and if any of you do give this method a go please tag me or let me see as I'd love to see how it works on other types of hair! Til the next one. xo


  1. Your hair looks amazing like this Aisling! Very bouncy and healthy looking. I've tried this before, but it didn't work, I think mine is just too long and healthy. But luckily pin-curls work really well for me :) xx

    Lauren |

  2. What a way to curl your hair! I love the loose curled look! xx

  3. I'm going to have to try this out. I'm way too lazy to curl my hair properly but this looks great
    Beth x