Blogging vs. Magazines: Let's Talk Blog Challenge.


So lovelies it is the penultimate week of the gorgeous Sarah Hamersley’s Let’s Talk Blog Challenge! Be sure to check out her amazing blog At The Beauty Desk. I’m really going to miss doing this on a Monday night I have to admit!This week’s topic is quite a rambly one from me, but hear me out! It’s all on the topic of Blogging VS. Magazines. So here’s my two cents on the matter..

Had you asked me to comment on this topic this time last year  I can without a doubt say I would have said that I much preferred magazines to the blogging world. And to be honest even when I started reading blogs it was only a select few of the larger ones and I probably still would have said magazines. But now that I am a fully fledged (I think) blogger I can safely say my opinion has changed and blogging wins every time.

This is nothing to do with the fact that blogs are more easily available online, as now magazines have countless apps and web pages they’re equally as accessible.
It’s all to do with content. I love a good magazine but to be honest some of my favourites have gotten a bit pricey so I only buy them as a treat or if they’re on offer. Very recently I bought a magazine that had a large beauty segment and I was really looking forward to getting a nosey at it, until I discovered it was sponsored by one particular brand and was majorly disappointed. Of course I understand that this is part of the magazine world but it is a part I don’t like. The front cover said ’26 page summer beauty must-haves’, but when all but 2 of the products are from one brand I hardly think they’re all going to qualify as a ‘must-have’. This just gets on my nerves as I wish the beauty writers could give us their real must-haves, instead of some that they have to say. Rant over.

This is why I love blogging, and in-particular smaller blogs. The writer has gone out and spent their money to give an honest review – good or bad. It is this that has led me to whip out my phone in Boots and thoroughly scroll through BlogLovin’ for that one post I knew I saw on a product I was on the fence about. This has actually happened numerous times and even if the review is good but contains some bad points I’ve still purchased anyway. I’d still rather buy something and be aware of it’s flaws than told how amazing it is by some magazine, only to discover the flaws myself.

So this is why I love blogs. We’re such an honest community and I’d rather have a review from a blogger over a magazine any day. We all look out for, and are honest each other and we are fab.

Bit of a ranty one sorry guys! I could have gone on a-lot more but I think I’ll leave it there for now. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into how my mind works and I’ll see you same time same place next Monday for the last week of the Let’s Talk Blog Challenge (sob sob). xo

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  1. Brilliant post Ash I fully agree with you :) Most likely to get a full honest review with a blog! xx

  2. Definitely agree with all of this Aisling! When it comes to blogs vs magazines, I would trust bloggers so much more. Plus, I love how interactive blogs are, you can read the comments to see if anyone else has used it, and you can ask questions :)

    Lauren |

  3. Aw thanks for the lovely intro as always. It's going to be sad when this challenge ends but hopefully someone will take the lead and organise another one soon ;) It's always disappointing when you realise a magazine article has been sponsored, it just ruins it and makes you less likely to buy the products as it all seems a little tarnished by advertising, unfortunately that's the reality.But I agree, blogs are more personal and don't have an agenda like magazines. Nothing wrong with a rant by the way, loved this post :)