Boots Haul!


Hi everyone! Today's post is a bit of a haul. I decided to film this one as it doesn't really seem that long ago since I blogged my Liverpool one and I fancied a change. I really hope you enjoy it! xo

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Blogging vs. Magazines: Let's Talk Blog Challenge.


So lovelies it is the penultimate week of the gorgeous Sarah Hamersley’s Let’s Talk Blog Challenge! Be sure to check out her amazing blog At The Beauty Desk. I’m really going to miss doing this on a Monday night I have to admit!This week’s topic is quite a rambly one from me, but hear me out! It’s all on the topic of Blogging VS. Magazines. So here’s my two cents on the matter..

Had you asked me to comment on this topic this time last year  I can without a doubt say I would have said that I much preferred magazines to the blogging world. And to be honest even when I started reading blogs it was only a select few of the larger ones and I probably still would have said magazines. But now that I am a fully fledged (I think) blogger I can safely say my opinion has changed and blogging wins every time.

This is nothing to do with the fact that blogs are more easily available online, as now magazines have countless apps and web pages they’re equally as accessible.

Tag! The Lip Product Addict Tag.


Hi everyone! During the week I was tagged by Alice and Aisling to do the Lip Product Addict Tag. This is a really fun post and I had a-lot of fun writing it, although my hands ended up covered in swatches again! So here it is, I hope you enjoy diving into my world of lip products!

1) Favourite balm/treatment?
My go-to in this category is definitely Blistex Relief Cream. I do enjoy Carmex from time to time but Blistex is my number 1. I love a medicated treatment as I have majorly dry lips. This product has Camphor to soothe the lips and Lanolin to protect and a touch of peppermint to keep me fresh - yum!

2)Best eye-catching red?
I'm finding this one quite hard to decide as I originally thought I'd say Ruby Woo by MAC but I'm really loving Howl by Illamasqua at the minute. It's a deeper, terracotta red and I feel really confident when I wear it. 

3) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore?
I'm a massive matte lip gal so my number 1 has got to be Illamasqua's range (you all knew that anyway.) As for drugstore I don't actually know. Not to sound like a snob but all my lipsticks are high end! Apart from one Topshop and one No.7.. oops! I have some of the Rimmel Apocolips and they're okay.. I've just never looked at lipsticks! What would you recommend I try out? 

4) Best MAC Lipstick?
Eep I only have 2! But ever since I've bought Rebel I've worn it at every possible opportunity. I know I love matte lips but it makes a nice change and I think it's great for an every-day purple.

5) The most disappointing?
Not majorly disappointing but I didn't really like the No. 7 Stay Perfect lipstick that I picked up. I did like the formula but the colour was much to shimmery for me, a tad tacky. I was not a fan. 

6) Liner - yes or no?
3 months ago I would have said no but I am trying my hardest to get into liner and trying to improve my application skills. When I've done it well I love how it helps staying power and prevents bleeding/feathering of the product. 

7) Best gloss?
I never wear lip gloss - ever. I don't really like it, its too sticky, too messy, gets in my hair and I'm just not a fan. I really couldn't comment. Apocolips is about as far as I've gone in the direction of a gloss and even then I tend to pat with some tissue so it goes matte.

8) Something extra?
Lip tints weren't even mentioned in this post and they rival my Illamasqua lipsticks as my favourite lip product! I mostly use them as part of my day to day face routine as they're so wearable and you can easily pop some of your favourite balm/treatment over the top to keep your lips conditioned. My two favourites by Topshop and Urban Decay have been discontinued so I'm on the look for a new favourite!

I am tagging :

Can't wait to see your answers ladies! And I'll see you all on the next post. xo

PS -  If you fancy winning one of the Illamasqua lipsticks that I raved about on this post, be sure to enter my giveaway here. You could win one of your choosing with a few surprises thrown in too! 

Festival Survival Kit: Let’s Talk Blog Challenge.


As if week 4 of Sarah Hamersley’s blog challenge is upon us already! This weeks topic was a toughie for me. I was going to choose the first date kit, but my most recent first date was an utter disaster so I guess I might need some help from you guys! I chose the festival kit as I’ve been to quite a few and have a good idea of the necessities by now. So apart from the obvious tent/sleeping bag items here’s things that made my festivals fab!

Oxegen 2010.
My chummy Lorna and I at Radio1's Hackney Weekend 2012.
Guess who's re-applying lipstain... Radio1's Big Weekend 2013.
Boardmasters 2013. 
First things first; you have to find some pretty special people to go along with. It’s not just anybody you can live in a tent with for 3-4 days. You gotta have some amazing people to make your time there unforgettable. I was at Oxegen in 2010 and my friends and I are still laughing about the things we did! Including thinking we were at a Fat Boy Slim gig when in actual fact we were at David Guetta… cue the quote ‘Why is Fat Boy Slim playing so many David Guetta songs?’ One too many ciders in the sun I think! Which rather perfectly, leads me on to number 2.. booze! Obviously not a ‘must-have’ item but cider in the sun with live music and friends is such a rare treat! The atmosphere is amazing and it’s super refreshing!

Watercolour Fluid Blusher and Water Brush by Daniel Sandler.


Hi lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, between 10-hour shifts and gym sessions I’ve just been all over the place. Todays post is on a product I bought on a whim after seeing it featured in a recent Pixiwoo video, and it is the gorgeous Watercolour Fluid Blusher and Water Brush by Daniel Sandler. This post was on the backburner for a while but after I tweeted about this product I got a big reponse so it quickly moved to the top of the pile!

I must admit I was completely clueless about Daniel Sandlers make-up before seeing it mentioned in the video, but I quickly went on the website and had a good old nosey! There was an amazing offer on and I got 2 watercolour blushers and the waterbrush for £30.00 (saving £16.50)! The set included the colours Angel, a rosy peach toned colour with a slight shimmer, and Cherub, a soft pink with a silver shimmer, both in 15ml bottles. I was so pleased both these colours were in the set as for me it covers all blush bases, peach and pink! 

Birthday Box: Let's Talk Blog Challenge.


Week 3 of Sarah's Blog Challenge is upon us! And oh my goodness how fun is this weeks topic? I have absolutely loved thinking of my ideal birthday presents! My birthday isn't until October but I think my choices are pretty universal all year round. So here's what to buy me if you fancy getting in the good books.

Unfortunately this skincare all belongs to Mama-Smiles. 
1. High-End Skin-Care.
I guess beauty products are a given.. I love birthdays as I find it a a perfect excuse to stock up on skin care and products that I wouldn't normally indulge in. If I do splurge, it's on make-up but I only treat myself to expensive skin-care when I have some extra money floating around. I usually go for Estee Lauder products, they work wonders for me!

Decisions decision!
2. New Dress(es).
All birthdays need a celebration, and celebrations call for a new dress! Or two.. a girl needs options! My mumma has my style down and usually picks me up something pretty, but I always find picking up a couple of spares is helpful. Just in case a fashion faux-pas occurs!

3. West End Tickets.
Confession time. I am a musical theatre nut! I sing all day every day and if you catch me 9/10 times I'll be belting out Defying Gravity/On My Own/any Babs. I cannot get enough and currently have a list as long as my arm of shows I want to see. I'm lucky enough to have already seen Les Miserables, Wicked, Chicago and Fame and I need to feed my obsession more. I'm off to London in a few weeks and I'm genuinely considering going to see something by myself - I don't even care.

It's Giveaway Time! - CLOSED.


Well lovely readers I am delighted to tell you that it is finally time for my little giveaway! As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I recently reached 100 BlogLovin’ followers (yay). I know it’s not any big milestone but it really meant a lot to me, and to say thanks I’ve decided to run a little giveaway for you all. I really have been overwhelmed by the lovely comments and support on social media sites. Had I known it was there I would have started blogging a lot sooner! But enough of the soppy blogger love for now. ‘What’s up for grabs?’ I hear you say. Well, if you know one thing about me it will be that my number one, must-have make-up brand is Illamasqua and now I am giving you the chance to win some of your own!

My Illamasqua lipsticks are in my ‘cannot live without’ make-up stash and I am in a constant battle with myself not to buy more. Now it’s my turn to be very jealous of you as I give you the chance to win one! Yep, an Illlamasqua lippy of your choosing is up for grabs, along with a couple of little surprises that I’m keeping under wraps.

So go ahead and enter below! I will say that unfortunately this giveaway is only open to UK and Ireland residents. Sorry to any international readers, next time I promise! Don't forget to leave me a little comment with what colour you'd like if you do win. Check out the colours here. I have the shades Growl, Howl, Shard, Glissade and Climax if any of you would like to see swatches give me a wee shout!

I guess all that’s left for me to say is good-luck, and thanks again for all the support! It really does mean the world to me. xo

PS. No cheating, I'll be checking!

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Growl by Illamasqua.


Surprise surprise.. another Illamasqua post. This time it’s on my latest lipstick from them, Growl. I’d seen this shade featured on lots of my favourite MUAs instagrams’ and I was intrigued by it, but wasn’t sure if I liked it. It seemed a bit too brown toned for me. But I went to the shop and swatched it and fell in love. I bought it there and then with a lip liner in ‘Severity’ to pair with it.

It came in the usual sleek black packaging that makes up most of my make-up collection, and the colour is beautiful! It’s described as a rich mahogany brown with a matte finish. The colour is definitely more brown toned than any colour I’ve owned but I personally would describe it as more of a burgundy shade as oppose to mahogany.

Liverpool Haul!


How many times have I mentioned this Liverpool trip? Countless, sorry loveys! This is my last post about it, promise.. It’s finally time for my haul! I couldn’t blog it as soon as I came home as I bought too much stuff and it wouldn’t fit in my little suitcase. But I posted it and Royal Mail left the parcel of wonderfulness at my door. I didn’t go too crazy although I could have, so here’s a little run down of what I bought!

First up is MAC. If you follow me on twitter (if not, get on it here) you’ll know I was seriously disappointed with the service I got in MAC. I went in with the intention of buying a number of items but left with just 2! The staff were very short with me and acted as though they couldn’t care less. I did manage to pick up an eyeshadow I was looking for. I’ve wanted a matte shade to pair with Mulch (also by MAC) for ages, so the assistant showed me a few shades and I opted for Kid, a beige cashmere colour. I swear she actually looked offended when I asked could I swatch them!

Summer Essentials: Let's Talk Blog Challenge.


Time for week 2 of the gorgeous Sarah Hamersley’s blog challenge! I loved last week’s intro, everyone was so supportive and I found lots of new blogs, which is always good. This week’s topic is Summer Essentials, so now you can have a little insight to what completes my summer.

1. Holiday/Festival.
Okay, so I know this isn’t really ‘essential’ but one of the reasons I love summer so much is because there are so many opportunities to do fun things! Nothing perks me up like a but of sunshine. Or if like me you’re big into your music hitting up a festival does the trick too. It doesn’t have to be a big ordeal like Glasto/Oxegen, even just one day of live music in the sun with a cider in hand can give you a lift! Even better if it’s local and there’s a real atmosphere and buzz about the place. Last year I was lucky enough to go to Portugal and the Boardmasters festival in Newquay, so this year I’m going to try keep it local and support home-grown talent!

Albufiera, Portugal.


 2. Books! (Yes multiple)
This one may be a given but I personally could not go a whole summer without reading at-least 3 books. I enjoy nothing more than my back garden, the sun and a good read. It’s definitely one of the most relaxing places to be!

3. Music.
Whilst in my garden with my book and the sun I just have to have some tunes playing! Now, when I say tunes I don’t mean Calvin Harris/Tiesto/Martin Garrix, those songs are just not me, I’m an indie gal! (Hate saying that – cringe). Chilled out folksy music is a dream in the warm weather, think The XX, Maccabees, Alt – J. Obviously music choice is personal but these are just my ideal summer listening!

My Day-Time Spring Look.


Okay so I know it's technically 'Summer' now but I've only just got my Spring look sorted! Stupid Irish weather. It's only really got bright with me recently, and the change has led me to mix-up my usual make-up routine a bit and I thought I might like to share it with you all.

First up is my base, which admittedly hasn’t changed too much between the months but indulge me.. I moisturize using my Nivea Daily Essentials: Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream for Oily & Combination Skin, and then prime with Maybelline Baby Skin. I find these two products paired gives the smoothest base on which to apply foundation. I still love my MAC Studio Fix Fluid but now I’m wearing it a-lot lighter than usual! I think this is much better for a spring look as I personally like my skin to have a healthy glow. I then apply some Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer anywhere I might showing signs of tiredness. This concealer is perfect for spring as it’s very light and doesn’t look too obvious that you’ve got it on.

I then apply YSL Touche Éclat in Luminous Radiance on top of the cheekbones for a subtle yet rosy glow. Although I usually love a strong contour and highlight look, for this I prefer a softer one, as this is a more girly and fun make-up style. To achieve this more understated contour I pop Disobey by Illamasqua in the hollows of my cheekbones and thoroughly blend. After this is when my look has properly changed. In the colder months I was purely contouring but now I think it’s time to inject some colour back into my face! Using my favourite peach or pink blush (Lover and Hussy by Illamasqua respectively) I place this on the apples of my cheeks and blend into my temple, I haven’t done this is so long and I’m loving the burst of colour it gives. To finish off my face I place some more highlighter (this time in powder form) on top of the cheekbone to re-emphasise the delicate glow.

Perfection Lumière by Chanel.


I am back to the beauty! I hope you guys haven’t minded my little life ramblings lately; I’ve just had so much going on. Today I’m going to talk about an item I bought way back in February but I just haven’t had the chance to blog about it!

I’ve been using Chanel perfumes for a long time but this is my first venture into their make-up. My mum has used Chanel for ages but I personally didn’t like the consistency of her foundation and (stupidly) assumed all products would be similar. How wrong I was! I went to the Chanel stand in Debenhams and the lovely assistant helped me to choose Perfection Lumière, which is meant to be good for oily skin (á la me).