McBusted Shenanigans.


I promise I have lots of beauty posts coming, but I just HAD to blog about this night. As many of you know, I was recently in Liverpool with my gorgeous sister Carla. It was brilliant to see her, and even better was that main reason I was over was to go see the amazing, gorgeous boys that are McBusted! Carla, our friend Kat and myself all went to see them in the Echo Arena in Liverpool and words cannot describe how amazing our night was, so here are some pictures... Although these don’t do it justice either.

Here are a few snaps before the madness! I was unfortunately running late so I didn’t get a great picture of my make-up. I stuck with the old faithful of brown smoky eyes with a purple lip! Though instead of a matte finish on my lips, I used my new Metallic Lip Tar by OCC. It was a bit of a change but I still loved it. I did thankfully get a picture of my outfit. I kept it quite simple with a dress, boots and a hat! This dress is from Topshop and I can safely say it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve owned in a long time! It was a great buy for a gig as it was really cool and flowy! And I adore the folksy pattern.

I also acted make-up artist for the night and did Carla and Kat’s makeup! These two girls have beautiful skin so it was a dream to work on. I did their bases and eyes quite similar (smoky with soft contouring) but used ‘Glissade’ by Illamasqua on Kat, and ‘Howl’, also by Illamasqua, on Carla. I love how these two looks seem so different purely because of a lip colour. (Kat even loved Glissade so much she went and bought it herself.)
Glissade is showing up very pale and I have no idea why. Sorry!

Now comes the concert itself! I unfortunately had to put my geeky glasses on to see Tom Fletcher as clear as possible! Boo. The girls and I got some wine (in pint glasses – classy) and danced the night away! The boys put on an amazing show and played all the songs we were dying to hear! I felt like I was 14 again. Here are some snaps of them in action!

After we casually loitered around the tour busses in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the boys but it wasn’t to be! We gave up, wandered home and hit the town for a good old dance! Not before I managed to perform a full rendition of the Frozen soundtrack in Carlas' flat, can a night get any better?

So, there we have it. An absolutely amazing night that I’m still not over! Are any of you going to see McBusted? Or have you already been? xo


  1. Great post! I saw McBusted at the O2 last Saturday and it was such a good show and so much fun. You had really good seats! x

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

    1. I know how amazing where they! We were actually at the back but the Echo's quite small so we still had a brill view :D x

  2. Sucha cute post, looks like you had a fab time!