Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.


Hello everyone! Hope you're all well. I'm back from my little break away and with that comes a post that I'm super excited about! 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are a company I’d never even heard of until I saw another blogger post on them, and then all of a sudden they seemed to be everywhere! I was already intrigued by the brand as they are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and when I saw the Pixiwoo girls using Lip Tar I knew had to have it. I unfortunately couldn’t find anywhere in the UK that stocks OCC at a reasonable price, but thankfully my gorgeous cousin Zara was off to New York that week so she kindly picked it up for me!

I went for the colour ‘Black Metal Dahlia’ as we all know I love a purple lip, but I wanted a different finish from my usual matte.

This metallic lip is so different for me but I absolutely love it. This colour is described as blackened-burgundy with red pearl. It’s infused with state of the art hi-resolution metallic pigments and these ensure that the metallic finish is vivid after just one coat. It’s also amazingly pigmented and opaque using just a tiny drop of product.

Fresh on the skin. 
Product when dry. 
It goes on as a thick liquid and is lovely and shiny, and when it dries it still maintains the glistening look thanks to the metallic pigments. It also has a yummy minty feel to it. The product is perfect for long-wear and eating out as it always looks freshly applied but you don’t have to worry about purple lip stains everywhere. Such a lifesaver!

Case: Handy for storage, bad for photos.  
Precision lip brush.

This product comes in a clear plastic case with a precision lip brush to help with application, and also a handy instruction set to ensure you get the perfect pout! One tiny problem with this product is that it tends to feather a little if you apply too much, but this is nothing that can’t be solved with a little lip-liner (I use Illamasqua in Severity). The product does tell you to only use one bead of product so they're obviously aware of the problem! I will definitely be investing in this product again, I’m thinking this time of going for a matte finish as I’ll be able to rock it during the day! Would you invest in OCC? Or have you already? xo


  1. Hey looks good, how does it handle 'bleeding' at the edge of your lips?

    1. It's okay.. If you apply minimal product it doesn't feather but if you use too much it will. You would really need a liner to keep everything in place! x

  2. That looks stunning, I love that they include a little lip brush :) I love the backgrounds to all your pics by the way x

    1. It's such a gorgeous colour! Great for when you want a strong lip and simple eye. Thank you so much, it's just my bedclothes haha xx

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