Face Contour Kit by Sleep MakeUP.


Frequent readers of Rosy Smiles will know that I am absolutely obsessed with contouring at the minute. Who knew it was so easy to change your bone structure? Since discovering Illamasquas’ amazing Sculpting Duo (review here) I’ve been on the hunt for a dupe that will give me the same look but at a more affordable price, I can’t bear to use expensive make-up for work!

Although I’ve never owned a product of theirs, I’ve read an awful lot about Sleek and in particular their contour kit so I thought I would give it a go! I ordered this product in ‘Medium 885’ as I like my contour to be really defined (in hindsight Light probably would have been better – but live and learn).

 I adore the packaging of this product! It’s very rich despite being so reasonably priced.
I also love that it gives a quick guide of how to contour on the back, I know a lot of people struggle with this and if the Illamasqua MUAs hadn’t taught me I’d be hopeless too! When you open the packaging there’s also a more in-depth guide for contouring your cheekbones and nose, which I think is lovely of them to include. The mirror included in the duo is a great size, not too big that it takes up loads of room in your bag, but big enough to see a reasonable portion of your face. Touché Sleek.

I love this! Well done Sleek.
Now for the actual product, I love it! The bronzer is a gorgeous matte, tan brown that is amazingly pigmented. Although it is slightly too dark for my ‘everyday’ makeup, it blends really well and I can easily buff it out to match my needs. It’s also really buildable so I can easily get those ‘chiseled’ cheekbones at the drop of a hat.

Top: Highlighter. Bottom: Contour.
When it comes to the highlighter I was a bit wary, as it’s quite peachy looking in the pan and I prefer a more champagne-shimmer colour. I was pleasantly surprised though, its not too heavy on top of the cheek bones and is actually quite subtle provided it’s applied with a gentle hand! And the peach tones in the product actually mean that it blends with the accompanying bronzer beautifully.

I’m really impressed with this product; the colour pay off is fab and it acts as a great dupe for my Illamasqua kit at a fraction of the cost. I think I’m going to buy myself this product in Light as well, at £6.49 you can’t go wrong! Is anyone else obsessed with contouring at the minute? Or is it just me.. xo


  1. I adore this Sleek Contour Kit - so much infact mine has hit pan!

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to invest! Can't wait to try the lighter colour. Thanks for reading my post xx

  2. Hi Aisling,
    When I saw the first photo, I was concerned that the brown wouldn't show up-- however, it looks like it showed up just fine on your swatches! I'm currently using my Naked Basics palette to contour my nose (lol). I also recently discovered contouring and I'm so with you-- it's awesome! My nose really benefits from a little bit of shadow. Great post! I've just started following you on GFC and BL-- I hope you follow back!

    A Princess's Guide to Life, Love, and Looks

    1. Ah yeah I always filter my first photo a bit as it's the one that comes up on the BL feed! I used to use my Naked Basics for that too! I know I can't go a day without adding some extra cheekbones either haha. Thanks so much I will definitely your blog looks gorgeous ! x