Tag! The Face Five Challenge.


Hello lovelies! Todays post is a tag challenge! Gillian from purplegillian.com tagged me to take part in the Five Face Tag, Basically the tag involves having to do a complete make-up look using only 5 products. SO hard! I definitely use 5 products just to get my foundation right.

Here’s a quick run-down of the rules.

1.Use five and only five products to create a complete makeup look
2. Each different product counts and 1 product (multipurpose products count as 1 product such as Benetint, Bombshell the One Stick, Nars Multipurpose Stick)
3. No palettes are allowed. No trios, quads or multi-shade palettes
4. Tag five others to complete the Face Five Challenge
5. Have fun!

Sooo here it goes. I actually vlogged this for fun! Although I’m not sure if you can understand me, I tend to speak super quickly.

Here's the vlog, and I'll give you a run down underneath!

Product 1: Maybelline 24 Hour Super Stay Foundation (review here) in Light Beige

This is my number 1 day time foundation. It stays on so well for the price and it gives amazing coverage. I used it for this challenge, as the formula is really buildable. I was able to add more coverage to those places that I would normally put concealer (which I unfortunately couldn’t budget into my 5 products, boo).

Product 2: Illamasqua Powder Blush in Disobey

My favourite bronzer! I actually used this product twice. I cannot go without doing my eyebrows for a single day so I bit the bullet and filled them in with my bronzer. I don’t think it looked too bad, they were just a bit more tanned than usual! I also used this product to give myself a little contour on the cheeks.

Product 3: Natural Collection Liquid Liner.

I use this everyday! I love this liner because it has a soft brush, I find the felt tip ones really hard to use! I had to include this is my 5 products I literally feel naked without it.

Product 4. Illamasqua Mascara in Raven

Cannot go a day without mascara! This one gives my lashes mega oomph, I love wearing it!

Product 5: Illamasqua Liqstick in Shard

As a girl who loves a dark lip this is a must-have product! It has a gorgeous matte finish and lasts all day! Guaranteed beautiful lips for any occasion!

So that’s my look done, so much harder than I thought it would be. I was pretty happy with it and would definitely wear it out, providing I had concealer and powder on!

Now it’s time for me to tag 5 people to try this out!

1.     PaleGirl - http://aislingwallis.blogspot.ie/
2.     Blossom Beauty - http://bl0ssombeauty.blogspot.ie/
3.     Lauren the Day Dreamer - http://laurenthedaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk/
4.     Annie Writes Beauty - http://anniewritesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/
5.     Miss Emma Charlotte - http://www.missemmacharlotte.com/

So all that’s left for me to say is thanks again to Gillian for tagging me in this, it was super fun! And good luck to the rest of the ladies who will hopefully give this a go! Until next time xo


  1. Aisling that was so good! I loved the video - you have to make more - I'll watch them all! I understood every word ;)
    You did such a good job with the makeup - makes me want to have another go...
    PS love the way you have a drink of tea after each step!

    1. Thanks so much! I reckon being from Norn Iron might help that haha.
      You should do it! I'm kinda intrigued to see what else I could do with just 5 products. Aw I'm such a geek, couldn't live without tea ! x

  2. Looks so fun! Thanks for the tag :) Going to watch your video now! :) I wonder will I try make a video for mine- cameras make me nervous haha I tried to make youtube videos before & totally got camera shy and failed haha x

    1. You should! I was really nervous too, the initial video was nearly 25 minutes long cuz I was talking so much. Give it a go it's kinda fun! xx