Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter by Bodyshop.


Recently hair care has been a major priority for me. Unfortunately having bleached blonde hair leads to a-lot of dry split ends. I am desperately trying to get my hair to grow at the minute so I am literally giving anything a go! I picked up this hair butter in my little Bodyshop haul as it’s specifically made for dry hair.

The first thing I noticed about this was how rich and creamy the product was, it’s so thick and I knew from just looking at it that it would benefit those pesky split ends. It smells of honey too, yum.

The product contains pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and honey (hence the smell).
The pracaxi oil promotes condioning action to the hair, increases brightness (perfect for us blondes) and promotes a smooth feel. The manketti oil is used to aid regeneration and nourishment and honey as we all know is amazingly nourishing and it’s a humectant so it helps your hair retain moisture. These products just ooze healthy hair and loveliness so I couldn’t wait to get them on my locks!

To use this you simply pop ‘two hazelnut sized amounts into your hands and massage through the hair’. The first time I used this I followed the instructions exactly and to be honest I didn’t notice that my hair was much softer or smoother (mega disappointing). My hair is ridiculously thick, I swear there’s afro genes in me somewhere. So since the first use I’ve started doubling the amount I use and I have noticed such a difference! I’m also using it solely on the mid to ends of my hair because this is where most of my bleach build-up is. My hair is turning out so smooth and shiny after my washes now. I really struggle to get my hair looking healthy so this little gem is helping me right out!

I’m really happy with this product and can’t wait to see how my hair condition improves with more washes! What are your favourite hair care products? Any tips for blondies? xo


  1. Really Great Post I colour my hair as well so will definitely have to try this. I love Body Shop products as well because they are natural and not tested on Animals. Thanks Emma xx


  2. Thanks so much :) I know I love them too! Proper got into the brand recently xx