Nevada by Topshop.


2 posts in 3 days, where has this organisation come from?! If you follow me on twitter (and if not, get on it here!) you’ll know I went a bit lipstick crazy recently. I think I bought 4 in a week, oops. Today I’m going to talk about Nevada from the Topshop make-up range.

I went into Toppers with the intention of picking up a dark lipstick (I’m addicted) but convinced myself to go for a nude colour as I’m seriously lacking in that department! I think I have one gloss that I bought on a whim but I’m not fussed on it anymore.

Nevada is described as a pale nude creamy lip colour with a satin finish. Although I adore mattes I’m really starting to get into satins too, they’re so hydrating on the lips. The colour takes a couple of coats to come out nice and strong, but once it has it lasts a couple of hours on the lips provided you’re not eating or drinking.

I didn’t think I would but I really like this colour on, it’s really feminine and less striking than my usual purple pout! Such a different look for me. However I do think I’ll be rocking this in the day-time as oppose to nights out. I just can’t wait for the weather to brighten up so I can get wearing it!

It looks darker than it is in this swatch, fake tan problems!

 I really want to invest in another of Topshop’s lipstick to get me out of my purple comfort zone. Have any of you sampled their lip colours? What should I go for next? xo


  1. This lipstick looks so nice, I'm probably one of the only people that doesn't own a Topshop lipstick and I have no idea why not, some of them look amazing!

    1. I know I don't know why it took me so long to get one! This is a really formula I'm definitely going to get some more! If you get one let me know :) x

  2. This lipstick is gorgeous! I've never tried any Topshop lipsticks but I will have to take a look the next time I have money! xx

    Lauren |

    1. I know I can't wait to invest in some more, I've read that the mattes are as good as MAC! xxx