Neutral Palette by Illamasqua.


Hello gorgeous people! Today I decided to put up another vlog for you all to have a nosey at, and I'm talking about my number 1 night out palette by Illamasqua. Enjoy!

Here's a few more pictures as I'm aware the camera on my MacBook isn't the best at focusing/picking up colours.

From top to bottom: Stealth, Vintage, Wolf, Obsidian.
Apologies for how pale Stealth looks in the swatch, I put a primer on my arm too but it still hardly came out! Would really love to hear some comments about my vlog, and if you'd consider buying the Neutral Palette. If you want to see just how versatile it is check out @leena_makeup on Instagram, she's been posting loads of looks using it lately. I hope you have a lovely Sunday and I'll see you next time. xo

PS. If anyone knows how to edit your thumbnail on YouTube to a customised one please drop me a comment I will be your best friend. 

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  1. adorable!!love your blog
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