Glissade by Illamasqua.


Hello lovelies! I know I only did an Illamasqua post recently (and I have a backlog of their products waiting to be reviewed) but I just had to blog about my first Glamore piece, I’ve been looking forward to it sooo much.

As soon as I saw Illamasqua had a new collection coming out I was so eager to see it! The ‘sneak-peek’ pictures left me so intrigued, as they looked so vibrant for what I would call a quite dark brand. As soon as launch day arrived I was all over my favourite MUA’s twitters and instagrams (@IllamasquaCharl, @IllamasquaLeena – twitter and @violetdollface - instagram) to nosey at the new products, and what can I say? The collection is beautiful.
The tagline is ‘More Colour. More Texture. More Beauty’, and this is exactly what it is. Perfect for spring, the bright lipsticks and sparkling nail polishes will ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

I decided my first purchase should be a lipstick; I seem to have an addiction at the minute. So I went for the beautiful Glissade, a gorgeous bold pink. What interested me most about the lipsticks in this collection was that they all have a satin finish, and all my current Illamasqua ones are matte. To be honest I’m not usually a fan of a satin look but I love this brand so much I went for it anyway.

So I ordered my lippy the day the collection launched (keen) and it finally arrived yesterday. I squealed when I saw it, not my coolest moment for sure. But anyway, after practically ripping it from the usual sleek black packaging I put it on with the greatest ease ever! That is one think I love about satin lipsticks, they glide on and are so hydrating compared with my mattes. And although it is a shinier finish than what I’m used to, it’s very subtle. I hate lipsticks that are too shimmery as I think they look tacky, so this was perfect.

The formula (as with all Illamasqua lippies) is very long lasting, I put it on as soon as I came home from work and at bedtime it was still going strong! And that included eating and drinking. Again it’s well pigmented so it only requires one application to get a gorgeous opaque colour. And although you can’t see it very clearly in the pictures it has a few specks of glitter through it too. It’s so pretty!

All in all I love this and cannot wait to get a chance to wear this on a night out with some matte eyes and winged liner! Would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a satin lip and a pink that pops! Are you interested in anything from Illamasquas new collection? What have you got your eye on? xo


  1. So pretty Aisling! It looks great on you :) I love bright pinks so I will have to swatch it when I'm next in Belfast!

    Lauren |

    1. I'm not usually a pink fan but this is deep enough that I feel comfortable in it. Such a gorge formula you should defo check it out ! x