Naked Basics.


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to post about one of my favourite Christmas presents from last year, the Naked Basics Palette. I know it’s been out forever but I only recently got using it properly and it is beautiful!

I had wanted the Naked Basics palette since I got my hands on Naked 2 and fell in love with the few matte shades, which unfortunately were only 3 of!

This palette consists of 6 beautiful matte full-size shades. The neutral tones mean they’re perfect for everyday wear, and buildable for a more dramatic look. The full sized shades include:

-      -  Venus, a soft off-white demi-matte (perfect for highlighting).
-  Foxy, a cream bisque matte.
-       Walk of Shame, a very light nude matte.
-       Naked 2, taupe matte
-       Faint, a warm dusty brown matte
-       Crave, a deep dark brown matte.

I adore every colour in this palette, not something that happens too often. You can create so many looks for any occasion. I particularly love doing cut crease looks as I think they look fab-u-lous when using mattes, so 60's!

Bottom: Venus. Middle: Foxy. Top: Walk of Shame. (My irish self wore fake tan so Foxy is hard to see sorry!)

The texture of these shadows is beautiful, so soft and smooth. This does mean that some of them look better with a primer underneath, but honestly what shadow doesn’t?

Top: Naked 2. Middle: Faint. Bottom: Crave.
The actual compact is lovely too, so sleek and it’s perfect if you’re on the go as the mirror is an excellent size! I could rave about this palette all day, as it’s everything I go for in an eye look, and for just £20! I bought my sister one for her birthday too as she loved the matte looks you can create.

(Quick apology for the lack of box pictures in this post, my dad’s a recycling freak so all the packaging got dumped on Boxing Day!)

I’m currently debating ordering myself Naked 3. I’m not sure how I feel about the rose-gold colours with my blue eyes as I tend to stick to taupes/browns usually! Have any of you tried Naked 3 or Naked Basics? What are your thoughts? xo


  1. I'm quite interested in this little palette. I'm the sort of person who wouldn't know what to do with all the shades in Nakeds 1,2 and 3 so this might be perfect for me x

  2. Yeah I love this! And to be honest I can get as many looks out of this as I do with my Naked 2, the only difference is the shimmer and metallic effects! Well worth an investment xo