Mac Mulch.


As you all know I recently invested in some MAC products for the first time (you can read how they went down here). And whilst I was doing so I also picked myself up an eye-shadow. My first shadow from MAC simply had to be a neutral wearable brown. To be honest I rarely venture away from neutrals on the eyes. So I opted for Mulch, which is a velvet shadow and described as a red brown with a bronze pearl.

It is safe to say I’m in love. This colour is so beautiful! I got it swatched in the shop but that definitely doesn’t do justice for what it’s like on the eyes.

Slightly used sorry..

I would describe the colour as a chocolatey-bronze as oppose to red. It’s really well pigmented and what I love most about it is that it’s pretty on it’s own as well as when it’s blended with other colours. And this is coming from someone who rarely uses less than 3 shades on her eyes. I’ve only worn this colour a couple of times but when I have I’ve simply worn it on its own with some winged liner, or popped a bit of ‘Blackout’ by Urban Decay through the crease. It’s gorge both ways! I particularly love pairing it with my Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Fidelity (a warm brown) as it really makes my blue eyes pop.

Top: With 'Blackout' and winged liner. Bottom: Swatch.

I’m so impressed with this eye shadow and I don’t think it will be too long before I invest in some more colours. What are your favourite colours? Is there any you would recommend? xo


  1. I love this colour! One to look out for xx

  2. Defo is it's so versatile! xxx