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This is probably known as mortal sin amongst us make-up lovers.. but currently I only have 1 piece of MAC makeup in my collection... oops! I got Ruby Woo for my birthday back in October and although I do adore it, I (for some reason) never got around to buying anything else. I had another lipstick back in 2009 but this is shamefully all I've ever owned. I’ve always thought of myself as an Illamasqua girl but recently decided I need to branch out. So now I’m asking for YOUR help. What are your must-have MAC products? I’m going to go on a bit of a splurge this week and would love it if you could help me out with your suggestions of what I should buy first because I am seriously clueless. Tweet me @Aising_Nagz or leave a comment please lovelies! xo


  1. I would recommend getting a few eyeshadows! Theres such a great choice of colours and finishes so you are sure to find some you like! I particularly love Sable, Satin Taupe, and Cranberry!

    The brushes are really great aswell, especially the eye brushes. 217 and 224 are amazing.

    Lauren |

    1. Yeah I've seen alot about the brushes on tutorials and stuff on YouTube so I might check them out ! Have you used any of their foundation? My mate swears by studio fix! xo

    2. I've never tried any, but my friend uses the Studio fix and she loves it aswell!

      Lauren |