Books | Divergent.


When it comes to books, my sister is even more obsessed than me. And although she's 29, (sorry Carla) the girl can pick out a cracking young adult novel with particular excellence. So when she suggested a new series by Veronica Roth, I knew I wouldn't be let down. 

Divergent is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago, where the citizens are defined by their social and personality-related affiliations with 5 different factions. Abnegation for the selfless, Amity for the peaceful, Candor for the honest, Dauntless for the brave and Erudite for the intellectual. At 16, citizens must undergo an aptitude test to see what faction they are most suited to, and then make the decision to either stay with the faction they were born into, or transfer to another. But Tris is different, her decision isn't that easy. Divergent follows her as she has to make this decision and deal with the consequences, as well as coping with new and changing relationships. 

I read this book in 26 hours. I literally could not put it down. I mean sure, the fact my laptop was broken meant I couldn't blog and so had more free time than usual, but still. This book is amazing! The story did not let up for one single sentence and I was addicted to turning the page. I can see where the comparisons with the Hunger Games come from, but for me it was a completely different book. 

There are many different aspects to this story such as identity and fear. But for me the main draw of the story was Tris' relationship development with individual characters. Not only romantically, but with her family and friends also. It was refreshing to read her interactions with all supporting characters as opposed to just one, which is something I think is easily done with authors making one relationship (eg. romance) a priority over others.  

Tris has secrets to hide and skills to learn and I absolutely loved journeying through it all with her. It is an engaging, thought provoking story that always left me wanting more. I know it won't be too long before I'm glued to the sequel 'Insurgent' so I'm trying to get a few others read before I order it! I cannot fault this book at all so it is definitely getting 5/5 from me! Amazing. (Seriously 26 hours?) Have you read Divergent? Or seen the film? xo

- Apologies for the Waterstones snap.. Someone forgot her copy of the book when she moved. Oops. 

Blogs I Love | 2


It's that time again! My first 'Blogs I Love' went down quite well, so I've decided to share the love once more. It makes my day to see when people like my little corner of the internet and there's nothing I love more than sharing a little blog love! So... who features in the second edition?

I came across Sarah in the usual way, a bloggers chat in my early blogging days and I have been addicted to her blog since. Sarah reviews the best of the best and whilst it personally took me a while to find my feet with my writing style, hers has been on point from day 1. This beauty blog has you covered from high end to high street and the honest, witty reviews will have you wondering why you didn't check it out sooner. Sarah tweets from @sarahandbeauty so be sure to follow her for the most amazing selfies you have ever seen. 

If you're a regular Rosy Smiles reader - or even just follow me on twitter you can't have missed the fact that I moved to Liverpool (eee!). When I knew I was moving I quickly out the feelers out for Liverpool based bloggers (since technically I'm a NWBlogger now!) So when Sammy replied I was delighted to see she's situated just across the Mersey in the Wirral. Her blog is brilliant, a perfect mix of OOTDs, some food and the most well written lifestyle posts I've read. For a blog that's only started in October I am so impressed and cannot wait to see what more is to come! Sammy tweets from @Little_Fickle if you'd like to keep up with her. 

Another Liverpool blogger - what can I say I'm spreading the scouse love! 'Dorkface' has everything you could possible wish for in one blog. Seriously. To take a quote from Jemma's 'About' page.. 'beauty, books, film, lifestyle issues, fashion and craft' and I can vouch and say she genuinely posts on every one of these topics! One of the sweetest bloggers I've met (online met - you get me) and always has the sweetest comments and tweets. If you want a blog that keeps it fresh this is the one for you. Jemma tweets from @dorkfaceblog.

A Branch of Holly (as well as having one of the cutest blog names) is another one of my new favourite blog finds. I love Holly's blog as it has a brilliant mix of life, beauty, books, some brilliant fashion tips and my personal favourite, interiors! I absolutely love reading other peoples views on interiors as it give me such inspiration and ideas I might not have had myself and I have to say Holly has some lovely ideas! With the odd inspiration quote thrown in this blog makes for lovely reading, and I was lucky enough to win her generous giveaway so she will always have a place in my blogging heart. Catch Holly on twitter on @abranchofholly

And there we have it! I hope you enjoyed my little rundown of some blogs I love and I really hope you check them out and love them as much as me! xo

Argento Store Re-Launch.


As you may or may not know, at the beginning of this month I was invited to the Argento Flagship store re-launch in Belfast. As my first proper event I was a little nervous but was put at ease when the lovely Lauren from Lauren the Day Dreamer and Debra from Overdressedand Unprepared said they were attending too!

We squeezed in some yummy dinner at Made In Belfast before the event and then made our way over to the Flagship store situated on Royal Avenue. I absolutely adored the new interior of the store, the exposed brickwork and yellow beams felt like an amazing homage to the Harland & Wolf cranes that dominate the Belfast skyline. Upon entering we received some delicious cocktails and macaroons and were given free rein to wander around looking at the stunning collections.

The jewellery, predictably, was amazing with some gorgeous pieces from Dirty Ruby and Nomination, as well as a whole section dedicated to everyone’s favourite, Pandora. One of the most eye-catching sections I found was the rose-gold area. This jewellery is only growing in demand and the selection available was stunning and so reasonably priced.

We spoke to the founder Pete Boyle, (who is actually from my hometown of Strabane! Small world eh?) who opened his first store in 1997, but had sold imported silver jewellery outside Castle Court shopping centre for a few years. The successful entrepreneur now employs 386 staff and works with international brands all over the UK and Ireland. He told us some brilliant tales of how he got to where he is today and his story is very inspirational.

We were very kindly gifted with a piece of our choice so it was so surprise that I opted for a rose gold bracelet with rose detailing. It is such a beautiful piece and suits me down to a tee!

Thank you very much to Argento and the CMPR team for inviting me to such a well run and professional event.

Beauty | Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick.


I seem to have a problem where I find it impossible to not wear some form of eyeshadow on a daily basis. I just think it makes such a difference to your whole face and I hate going without it.. But, on those early mornings before work it is a bit of a struggle! Enter Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in the shade ' 011 Bluffing', a champagne shimmer colour.

As ever, I noticed this on a little jaunt into Boots and it was a bit of an impulse buy. I got home and was like 'Why did I buy this?!' but I can now say I'm very glad I did. It's super easy to apply in it's little crayon packaging and the product is quite creamy so it acts as a primer as well as giving some colour. I apply the shadow all over the lid and then pop a little matte brown through my crease and I am done! Crazy time saver in the morning as it means I don't have to prime or add a neutral colour over my lid.

Because I get quite oily lids I was paranoid about not using a primer with this but the product claims to be 24hour waterproof - and although I haven't tested it's '24hr' claim, it definitely lasts me my 8 hour work shift and then some, which is all I need to be honest! Matte shadows are my favourite so I already know it won't be too long before I invest in those shades, at £4.49 who can say no?

Have you tried the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick? Would you consider it? xo

Beauty | Hollow by Illamasqua.


It's not too often that I buy products based purely on YouTuber reviews, but when the Pixiwoo girls mentioned a cream pigment by Illamasqua called Hollow, it went straight on my 'must by immediately' list.

Having used Illamasqua's pure pigments before I expected only the best from this. And I was not disappointed. It's described as an 'intensely colour-rich, matte and crease resistant formula designed for use on the face' - and this hits the nail on the head. It is a brilliant contour colour for us pale girls, and because it's a cream it's really build-able without looking 'cakey', something I stuggle with after endless, moisturisers and primers galore!

This subtle toffee shade is gorgeous in the hollow (ahem) of the cheekbones and down the sides of my nose. It's a lot less obvious than a powder contour and makes a welcome change. At £17.50 it is quite pricey but I don't regret buying it as when it's on I know it ain't budging all day! I haven't tried this on my eyes yet, I'm not a huge fan of creams on my eye-lids as I'm paranoid about creasing. But maybe some day I'll put it to the test!

What are your favourite cream-based products? Do you dare use them on your lids? xo

(Apologies - As I went to take these photos I nicked the lid onto the product, distraught!)

Interiors | If I had £1,000 to design a dream room..


If any of you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen that I have a slight obsession with interiors, particularly all things floral, pink and vintage.  A few weeks ago the lovely people over at  contacted me about designing my dream room for 'The Great Escape' campaign. 3.3 million UK adults live with their parents and Thinkmoney is going to help one of them escape! So what's my role? The person who wins this competition will get their first months rent and deposit paid, as well as getting their place kitted out! And I've been asked to put forward some ideas of my dream flat and my 'must-have' interior pieces. 

My bedroom at the minute is completely my cup of tea, which is why I'm basing my dream room on it! My preference of decor is always a feature wall, with some kind of vintage or floral pattern a bit like those seen below, and the other 3 walls cream or white. Cath Kidston have some incredible wallpaper similar here. I particularly love the Antique Rose Bouquet print! I think this makes the room appear larger and more open and I personally love it in my room at the minute.


 The main feature of any bedroom is obviously the bed, which is why I've chosen this stunning 4-poster from Fearne Cotton's home range on Very. And I would pair it with this gorgeous floral bedspread from, believe it or not, Tesco!


It's no secret that I'm an avid reader, and ever since watching Clarissa Explains it All as a kid I've been dying for a window seat with a mismatch of cushions to curl up in and get lost in a book! I realise a window seat isn't the most realistic bedroom feature, but a jumble of vintage, floral cushions is equally as pretty and welcoming on the bed. Below is my dream cushion set-up but I've also selected some more reasonably priced cushions from Dunelm that would be perfect in my dream room!

Source. The dream window seat.

I'm a big fan of chairs in bedrooms, it's nice to have somewhere to sit other than the bed! My current bedroom unfortunately isn't quite big enough to accommodate a chair, but if I had the room (and the funds!) I'd definitely choose a vintage style tufted chair, probably pink lets face it. Something like this is right up my street, I just think it's so cute! 


Now, you all know I love a bit of makeup, and without a doubt one of the highlights of my day is putting my makeup on (sad I know) but it just makes me feel put together! I've recently been lusting after a proper dressing table, with a stool, drawers and mirror and whilst doing some research for this post I came across the perfect one. I adore this antique, french dressing table. I think it's a perfect size as it's not too big, and the little drawer is perfect for keeping your crucial make-up bits and pieces! 


For me, that's the main bases of the bedroom covered. But to make it a smidge more homely I'd add some fairy lights, countless photo frames with pictures of my loved ones and maybe a stuffed animal for good measure - I am a child at heart after all! Pinterest has some amazing fairy light ideas, these were two of my favourites! 

My loved ones in a super-handy collage frame!
Source. Lota love for Sulley!
Finally no bedroom is complete without some candles and I think this set of 3 from Cath Kidston are so pretty and would be perfect dotted around any room to give a lovely, homely glow.


And there we have it! I probably could have gone on much longer about my specific interiors but I think the main bases were covered here. What do you think of my 'dream room' choices, do you like my layout or would you choose something different? I'd love to know! xo

Beauty | Kate Moss Lasting Finish by Rimmel.


Guess who finally bought a High Street lipstick? This has been a long time coming and because Rimmel can do very little wrong in my eyes, they were the obvious choice. As usual my love of deep purple lips got the better of me and I opted for the shade '30' in the Kate Moss Lasting Finish collection.

This lipstick came in a gorgeous sleek bullet with Kate's signature on and is one of my favourite purple shades to date! It's the perfect berry-toned colour for the upcoming winter months, and the satin finish means it won't dry your lips out on those cold blustery days. Although it's purple, the shade isn't too deep and I find it very wearable. It's no secret that I'm very much a matte lip kinda gal, but I'm so impressed with this formula! It's opaque from one coat and glides on like a dream - something you unfortunately just do not get with matte shades. I find myself reaching for this lipstick if I know I have a long day ahead, as the finish means it's easy to reapply without worrying about it going flaky or drying my lips out. It's relatively long wearing although I did find it can transfer when eating and drinking. It lasts best, as ever, with a liner underneath. However should the initial finish fade you're still left with berry stained lips which doesn't bother me at all.

As far as my first proper High Street lipstick goes I am suitably impressed! Excellent formula, staying power and colour. I know I'll be going back for more soon, but what do you recommend I try next? xo

Books | The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


This book, by Stephen Chbosky, has been on my reading back-burner for longer than I care to admit, so I was delighted when a few weeks ago I actually sat down to give it a good old going over.

This coming-of-age novel is based around freshman Charlie who, as we know, is a bit of a loner, an introvert and quite shy. A wallflower, if you will. This is until he makes new friends who teach him all about the world of sex, drugs and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Throughout the story we are given brief glimpses into Charlie's past, as well as his relationships with family members and friends alike. And we get to see what it's like to be that wallflower thrown in to a host of new experiences, as well as having to come to terms with old ones.

This book is written in a diary style which I personally loved. It allows the reader to really get inside the protagonists' head, and understand him and his ways. Myself, being a loud confident person, loved reading from an introverts point of view. I always find it refreshing. Charlie grows an awful lot as a character and his development is a pleasure to read - if not sometimes a little uncomfortable. (If you've read the book you'll know what I mean.) As far as supporting characters go I loved them all apart from 1 who was slightly annoying but I think she was meant to be. Sam, Patrick and Bill (my personal favourite) all help to guide Charlie in a different way and make him see his true worth which makes for lovely reading. Bill and Charlie's conversations are something special with one of them producing one of my favourite ever quotes from a book, 'We accept the love we think we deserve.'

Although I did enjoy this book I felt there was something missing. I could easily read a few chapters and then put it down for a number of days, without itching to pick it back up again. I'm really not sure why as I enjoyed the narration, the characters and the story. My sister and I were discussing this one day and she mentioned that it may be the fact that it's inside a boy's head as oppose to a girl who you can relate to.

I'm not sure what was missing, but something was which means it's just getting 4/5 from me this time. Have you read The Perks of Being a Wallflower? What did you think? xo

PS. - I absolutely loved the film version of this. And that never happens?!

Lifestyle | My Tattoo.


If any of you follow me on my various social platforms you may know that I recently got my first tattoo! And today's quick post is a little bit about it, and why it's special to me.

I had been talking about getting a tattoo for years!.. Okay 1 year, but still it was a long time. And I know all my family thought I was just saying it for attention or to be different and that I'd never actually get one. But I did. I bit the bullet and popped into my local tattoo artists' Anchor and Rose to book an appointment. If you're Northern Ireland based and looking for a tattoo check them out, their work is amazing! The design I wanted was a humpback whale that my amazingly talented friend Stephanie drew for me. I got this because it's my favourite kind of whale and the kind I aspire to help and work with in the future. It represents my whole university experience (I studied Zoology) as well as reminding me of my dream job every day. It means a lot to me and I'm so glad I got it, I still can't believe it's really there! I got it put on the inside of my left ankle as I wanted it to be subtle and easily covered if need be. And although everyone told me it would be 'really painful' it wasn't. A bit sore but not the horror story I was expecting!

I'm in love with it and I'm already planning another - now the problem is deciding what to get! Would you ever get a tattoo? Or have you already got one? I'd love to see any pictures you have that would give me inspiration! xo

Beauty | Autumn Wishlist.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 
I don't know about the rest of the world, but the drop in temperature and dark evenings mean that Autumn is well and truly upon us here in Ireland. And with a new season comes a new wish list of beauty items I'm itching to get my hands on! It's conveniently my birthday next month so I compiled a list of some products I'm currently lusting after.

1.The Simpsons Powder Blush in Pink Sprinkles. 
Summer is over and I am out with the super glowy, peach toned cheeks and in with the matte, rosy 'I've just got in from a cold day' look. I'm obsessed with pink rosy cheeks (hence the blog name if you'd ever wondered) and autumn is the perfect time of year to rock them! I am also desperate for some of this Simpsons packaging in my collection. 

2. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc. 
Ever since I picked up a Sheer Glow sample I've been determined to get my hands on it. I fell in love with the formula and have been trying to justify purchasing it for longer than I'd care to admit..

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush &
4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light. 
My lust for Hourglass products will not let up. I've been wanting these two products for so long and I am determined to get my hands on them this season. They seem to give the perfect luminous touch to the skin without being too glowy and shiny, something I just don't like for the colder months. 

5. Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Vampette. 
It's a wishlist, and it's me. Of course there had to be some Illamasqua in here. I know I'll be rocking purple lips left, right and centre this season so I'll definitely be needing a new Illamasqua berry-toned lipstick to help me on my way! Plus, this is a satin finish so it's not exactly like my current ones.. I promise. 

6. Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. 
High end skincare is just something I don't buy often enough. The colder months are always hard on my skin so I'm going to make a real effort to take better care of it this time around. 

7. Pixi Glow Tonic.
Every blogger and her dog has been talking about this tonic, and as usual I'm the last on the bandwagon! In keeping with my 'be kind to my skin' mindset I really am going to push the boat out on these beauty buys and I'm so intrigued to see if this lives up to expectations!

8. Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Set. 
Oh my, are these brushes not the most beautiful things you've ever seen? I've been pining after them for such a long time and I've been in dire need of new brushes for ages. I can see a little Zoeva order being placed in the near future, they're so gorgeous. 

I feel a little bit depressed now that I don't have all these goodies. But hopefully it won't be too long before I get my hands on them! What do you think of my wish list? Would you like any of the items? xo

OOTD | Last of the Summer Pastels.


For me sunshine means light, bright colours. And even though it is technically September/Autumn now, if the sun's out I whip out the pastels ASAP! I know outfits posts aren't really my thing but I love this skirt from River Island so much and I fear this may be my last chance to rock it! I paired it with this plain chiffon tee from Penneys, one of the most versatile pieces I own. As well as socks from Topshop and my all-time favourite shoes: tan brogues, these ones being from Forever 21. I also took on board the mini-bag trend with the gorgeous pastel pink bag, also from Penneys. I dress this outfit up for a night out with strappy sandals but on sunny days I love to wear it casually! Will you miss the pastel trend? xo

Top - Penneys
Skirt - River Island
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Forever 21
Necklace - River Island
Bag - Penneys
Glasses - Guess.